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Museum Nasional

Assalamu’alaikum πŸ™‚

Desember selalu jadi bulan favorit saya,terlebih tahun ini karena bisa dapat term break yang cukup lama. alhamdulillah.

Terimakasih banyak buat kak Ega yang udah ngajakin main ke Museum Nasional yang sudah lama sekali ingin saya kunjungi.

Dari Depok kita naik kereta,dilanjut dengan muter-muter naik bus Jakarta City tour dari depan Istiqlal.

Akhirnya kita sampai di musem nasional. Museumnya sangat comfy, terawat,informasinya lumayan lengkap,koleksinya banyak sekali dan rame!

Yap rame! Bukan cuma dipenuhi anak sekolah yang lagi field trip,tp ada turis asing, sejoli yang pacaran ,anak-anak muda dan keluarga yang berwisata. Pokoknya kak Ega dan saya sampai kaget karena orang-orang yang penampilannya bukan seperti orang yang suka ke museum,malah antusias. Sekali lagi ya, don’t judge a book by its cover!.

Anyway ini spam fotonya, ga ada yg bagus,tapi gapapalah buat ngisi2 blog ya,hihi

Jadi,apa yang didapat setelah ke museum? Jadi makin cinta Indonesia tentu saja! Makin kagum sama peradaban jaman dulu yang luar biasa.

Setelah itu kita pulang,naik taksi,naik kereta lagi,makan di sagoo kitchen sambil ngantuk. Akhirnya saya pulang,ketiduran,bangun-bangun udah jam 7. Cape bgt ternyata πŸ˜…

Tapi it was really fun. Kapan-kapan kita main ke museum lagi ya kak 😊


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In the Kingdom of Character

Assalamu’alaikum everyone,I hope you are in the best health and iman πŸ™‚
I’m always in reporting anything to blog. So this post will fall to category of #latepost. Hehe x)
Last Sunday, I saw a picture in my friend’s path. She post her picture with Ultraman.
Here come the curiosity. As a toku-otaku, I’ll sensitively react whenever I see pics oof toku-related stuff.
I asked her, she told me that there is exhibition in Galeri Nasional till March 23,2014,where the famous characters from Japan are displayed. Please refer to this link for more information. That time, I think I will visit the gallery sooner.
Later,my friend Chaky came to my place from Bandung, she’s staying because she’s having interview schedule with her future employer (aamiin). Then I forgot about the plan.
The next day, Chaky went to her interview, and I supposed to do my thesis,which turn out I got stuck,hahaha.
The time was just right when Chaky text me she have finished the interview and she got nothing to do.
Long story short, we’re already arrieved at the gallery πŸ˜€
Because it was Monday, there ain’t many visitors came. It’s only me,chaky,2 other families and some cameramen/reporters. Lucky us. We actually took many pictures with embarrassing poses, better not sharing it. :p
To be frank, there ain’t many characters that displayed,which is below my expectation. However,we’re happy to take their photos πŸ˜€ Please enjoy my picspam πŸ™‚
with the protected Gundam. We can't touch him,whyyyyy? :(
with the protected Gundam. We can’t touch him,whyyyyy? 😦 
Girly mode. Hello Kitty Friends.
Pika Pika chuuuu ^_^
Too bad,there’s no Kamen Rider being displayed,he only got featured in information board. Zannen desu ne. As avid fans of Kamen Rider, me and Chaky wasn’t quite happy with this. Hopefully he’ll got his stage next time πŸ˜€

At least,Ultraman came to save us,hihihi. I love Ultraman series too, and I like his gallant figure.
Taking pictures with Ultraman made us look like dwarves,aint’t we? hahaha. Later, I realized that Ultraman is like wearing red tight shortpants as his uniform,font you think so? haha…I just realized it after so many years. Bakamono x)
Then we ended our Gallery tour and went to Gramedia because Chaky said she want to buy books. She didn’t buy anything in the end,haha.
haa,that’s a wrap.
There’s still time to visit the Ultraman and his friends. There are other cute characters too,sadly I didn’t take their pictures.
Still,this is a good place to spend your time with your family πŸ™‚
See you and have a nice day
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Semester Break Story – Part 2 [Burn]

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Finally got to continue the series of post I’ve written in the past post
After watching Shin Domoto Kyoudai whose guest stars is Omi and Ryuji,I’m obsessed to Che’nelle song,titled burning love. Well,she’s not even in the show tho, in the commercial of Burn instead, the song is very catchy that I kept playing and playing in my head. That’s how the song become my everyday single playlist in whole holiday πŸ˜€
Little did I know that Burn is actually is sold in Indonesia too,and I was super surprised when I did grocery shopping with lil bro and find the burn.


Β I was so excited that I feel like meeting Che’nelle herself,lol, too much am I? I know I know,I’m exaggerating πŸ˜›
and after being back to Jakarta,I’ve never played that song anymore..
feel like listening it now..
till then,Assalamu’alaykum πŸ™‚

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Semester Break Story – Part 1 [Panorama]

Assalamu’alaikum everyone πŸ™‚
Holiday is over and I’m back on track, still in the holiday mood tho :p

Well,I’m planning to do series of post about my last semester break (which is not much),in random order πŸ™‚

Let’s get started πŸ˜‰

It was almost the third week of my holiday when I got to meet Chaky and Widia after a year, wowww,that long. Somehow they feel really close because we communicate practically everyday through whatsapp, thx technology!

We did some common hang-out activity, walking, sight-seeing,eating,catching up all the stories, plus for the first time we visit panorama lobang jepang together, and first time Chaky visited it in her lifetime xD

random shoot

BFF for life

We met monkeys,snakes,monkeys,monkeys,baby monkeys,monkey king,wild monkey and monkeys. Nothing special,but somehow it’s fun πŸ™‚

Feeding monkey
cool man

Looking forward to meet my besties again sooner πŸ™‚

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Zoo with the kids :)

Hi,it’s me and the kids again.
last Tuesday we’re going out to the zoo! /
Trust me,I’ve never been excited to go the zoo before,not in my entire life.
Seeing this kids jumping and so exciting makes me excited too!

Then we started the trip,by walking..
it usually takes less than 5 minutes to go there from school,but it took more time when I was with these students.
It’s really hard to take them being still on the line,I had to run here and there to catch them…x)))

then we arrived at the bird park (which is the part of the zoo too).

Then stop at the Fort De Kock for a while. The Netherlander fortress,which was once the name of Bukittinggi.Β 

We continued the trip,crossing the bridge and arrived at the ‘real’ zoo.

The kids excitedly sang “tiger lion,tiger lion,elephant,elephant,crocodile crocodile,pig and snake,pig and snake!”,but we didn’t see tiger,lion and pig at all. 😦

Again,I had to run here and there,back and forth to catch them, I’m glad I only used sandals that time πŸ˜€

Finally we’re heading home,after they saw Orang Utan and said “Cher,Monkey, Cheeer~” oTL x)))

and the long and tiring day had passed,I was so happy and thankful and tired .
Now,I’m gladly waiting for another trip πŸ˜€

note : I took so many pictures of them,but none of them are well-captured -_-
I decided to put them in collages,but I think it didn’t really help πŸ˜€