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Gaim and Drive

it’s been a veryyyyy loooong time since the last time I talked about tokusatsu thingy, even though I always claimed that I am an hardcore fangirl.
Reason is, in spite of liking Kamen Rider, I stop watching Gaim, because the story is just unbearable, and I always get the feeling it’s not a Kamen Rider show anymore. No matter how many times friends keep telling me that Gaim story is sooo good, mature, well-written compared to other kamen rider series, but I didn’t think so.

I’m sorry for those who like Gaim, it’s just personal feeling of mine.

My brother used to wish that someday I will stop liking kamen rider because I look like being possessed when I watch it, I said “never” back then. Seems like the wish was granted at one point. 😦 

Then when Gaim finally reach final episode, I feel some kind of relief and very happy to welcome Kamen Rider Drive.

see that crappy wig! yeah bye!
see that crappy wig! yeah bye!

Kamen Rider Drive is the first Kamen Rider who didn’t ride a motorcycle, he drives a car instead. he should be called as Kamen Driver,yes? >_<

but the story is written by Riku Sanjo-sensei, the main author of Kamen Rider W and co-author of Kamen Rider Forze, which means, he is my most favorite kamen rider author ever.
and this kamen rider Drive fight for humanity Together with his talking belt and peers, and he has a job! he’s a policeman and former ace of first investigation division. 2 episodes really look promising

Ah I’m glad. Now I can proudly tell you once again that I’m tokusatsu fangirl 🙂

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In the Kingdom of Character

Assalamu’alaikum everyone,I hope you are in the best health and iman 🙂
I’m always in reporting anything to blog. So this post will fall to category of #latepost. Hehe x)
Last Sunday, I saw a picture in my friend’s path. She post her picture with Ultraman.
Here come the curiosity. As a toku-otaku, I’ll sensitively react whenever I see pics oof toku-related stuff.
I asked her, she told me that there is exhibition in Galeri Nasional till March 23,2014,where the famous characters from Japan are displayed. Please refer to this link for more information. That time, I think I will visit the gallery sooner.
Later,my friend Chaky came to my place from Bandung, she’s staying because she’s having interview schedule with her future employer (aamiin). Then I forgot about the plan.
The next day, Chaky went to her interview, and I supposed to do my thesis,which turn out I got stuck,hahaha.
The time was just right when Chaky text me she have finished the interview and she got nothing to do.
Long story short, we’re already arrieved at the gallery 😀
Because it was Monday, there ain’t many visitors came. It’s only me,chaky,2 other families and some cameramen/reporters. Lucky us. We actually took many pictures with embarrassing poses, better not sharing it. :p
To be frank, there ain’t many characters that displayed,which is below my expectation. However,we’re happy to take their photos 😀 Please enjoy my picspam 🙂
with the protected Gundam. We can't touch him,whyyyyy? :(
with the protected Gundam. We can’t touch him,whyyyyy? 😦 
Girly mode. Hello Kitty Friends.
Pika Pika chuuuu ^_^
Too bad,there’s no Kamen Rider being displayed,he only got featured in information board. Zannen desu ne. As avid fans of Kamen Rider, me and Chaky wasn’t quite happy with this. Hopefully he’ll got his stage next time 😀

At least,Ultraman came to save us,hihihi. I love Ultraman series too, and I like his gallant figure.
Taking pictures with Ultraman made us look like dwarves,aint’t we? hahaha. Later, I realized that Ultraman is like wearing red tight shortpants as his uniform,font you think so? haha…I just realized it after so many years. Bakamono x)
Then we ended our Gallery tour and went to Gramedia because Chaky said she want to buy books. She didn’t buy anything in the end,haha.
haa,that’s a wrap.
There’s still time to visit the Ultraman and his friends. There are other cute characters too,sadly I didn’t take their pictures.
Still,this is a good place to spend your time with your family 🙂
See you and have a nice day
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Go-Buster papercraft and other toku ramblings

Hei there, finally I got to touch my blog,not just half-assesly doing post from ipod.
Planning some changes on the label/categories,but apparently the internet connection hates me, guess I will do it later *sigh*

In the meantime….I did GoBusters papercraft,jajajang /
it’s actually one of many bonuses from Terebi-Kun magazine may edition.
I’m not good at papercrafting,yeah that’s sad 😦
But it turns really fun to get this done,it’s easy and interesting (of course Ridhah,it was designed for kids and your level) x)))

Thus, I really recommend Terebi-Kun to parents who have boys,coz that magazine is really fun,full of bonuses and articles that will burst your kids’ creativity..the bad part is:  it’s in Japanese,but it’s full of pictures,I guess it’s understandable 🙂

Then I watched Garo,Kamen Rider Shin,The Next and and other adult tokusatsu shows.
My first comment is I DON’T really like it. I’m really a nice kid at the heart,you know.
I almost couldn’t breath when I watched them. The blood,violence,and nudity make me trembling and suffer for stomachache, haha. I’m not kidding anyone here,because I’m really afraid of seeing blood,while blood spilled everywhere in the shows,mooooo 😥

However,I need to say that GARO is AWESOME! I can’t stop watching it eventhough it’s really scary and made me shivering and crying,wth..still it’s superb! the fighting scenes are very kakkoi that I enjoyed so much!.

What I hate about this show (and other tokusatsu) is the slow and painful-teasing romance, duh,kouga,why are you so tsundere hah? tell,please tell Kaoru how much you love her,tell her,clearly! marry her! arrrrrr *gilak*

The last, the most anticipated Kamen Rider Fourze x Wizard Movie War Ultimatum is revealed! aww,my muses,I miss them so much. :3
I really hope they continue things between Ryusei and Tomoko,oh please,they must do it! right babes?

and I wish there will be scene Tomoko will meet Koyomi, that must be really interesting to see what are the girls will talk about 🙂

yeah that’s all, just for now,my rambles are over, see you on the next post 🙂

pics :mine,random sources,pixiv,zarahjoyce and murokomu@tumblr

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[Random Meme] Kamen Rider 30 Days Challenge (Day 28)

*I think I can write all of them at the moment. Guess I just have to wait patiently*

Day 1- Favourite Rider-
>> W (double) for many reasons. The concept of two souls become one gets me all the time.

Day 2- Least Favourite Rider-
>> Can’t decide yet,all riders I’ve watched are stand out on their own way. I probably will update it later,not sure tho 😀

Day 3- Favourite Series –
>> W,absolutely W,it was brilliant series,so adorable yet deep and touching. The portion of action and drama are perfect.and probably teriyaki was the sweetest ship that turns into official couple I’ve ever had.Thank you W 🙂

Day 4- Least Favourite Series
>> Decade. No offense,I just haven’t feel the emotional connection towards the series yet.

Day 5- Series You’re Currently Watching-
>> Wizard. It’s only 3 episodes so far, but I ship Haruto-Koyomi already ♪(´ε` )

Day 6- Series you recently finished-
>> Fourze. I’m having a hard time to move on from the adorable KRC members. Thx to ryutomo shippers who keep holding grip and give me weekly dose of what probably called ‘fourze after story’. I love you guys o(^▽^)o

Day 7- Series You Haven’t Seen-
>> there are many of them. I haven’t seen all showa kamen rider,except black and black RX. Agito and Hibiki also are on my to watch list.

Day 8- Favourite Side Character-
>> definitely,only NARUMI AKIKO ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

Day 9- Least Favourite Side Character-
>> Onodera Yuusuke.

Day 10- Favourite Main Villain-
>> Mitsuaki Gamou and his cliques. they are very unique,and everyone has their own background story that make them different from any other villain so far.

Day 11- Least Favourite Main Villain-
>> All villains on Decade.

Day 12- Favourite Monsters-
>> Zodiart! Awesome!

Day 13- Least Favourite Monsters-
>> Shocker.

Day 14- Favourite Secondary Rider-
>> for me,it has to be Sasword,coz he’s strong,talented,serious,yet really funny. The fact that he’s actually a worm really saddened,he died in kabuto’s hands,but that was an ending he wish for. 😦

Day 15- Least Favourite Secondary Rider-
>> I dunno yet 😀

Day 16- Favourite Rider Form-
>> Decade default form…it’s just beautiful and awesome!

Day 17- Favourite Rider Design-
>> Fourze,it’s just hilariously standing out 🙂

Day 18- Favourite Theme Song-
>> Kuuga,a good reminiscence of mu childhood o(^▽^)o

Day 19- Most Epic Moment-
>> — tbc

Day 20- Saddest Moment-
>> when Yuji Kiba (horse orphnoch of kamen rider faiz) run to catch his past and he’s crying ( T_T)\(^-^ )

Day 21- Funniest Moment-
>> Everytime tsurugi-kun enter the scene x)))))

Day 22- Something You Would Want To Change In Any Series-
>> the sad love story hinted,or painful ship tease,ship sinking,I just CAN’Twith these!

Day 23- Favourite Insert Song
>> Cyclone effect accoustic version.

Day 24- Something You Wished Happened In Any Series-
>> Happy ending love story for lead rider and the sidekicks, I hate teaser,really Σ(゚д゚lll)

Day 25- Favourite Finisher –
>>I dunno,I think I’ll go for Faiz’s finisher…

Day 26- Least Favourite Finisher-
>> Duh,I dunno X_x

Day 27- Favourite Final Battle-
>> OOO of course. Epic.

Day 28- Least Favourite Final Battle-
>> Kiva.

Day 29 – Favourite Henshin-
>> Black RX

Day 30- Your Dream Team of 3 Riders-
>> kuuga,kabuto,W

Ah,finish,finally o(^▽^)o

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Look alike :)

It’s been a long time since the last time I viewed Hikaru Yamamoto’s blog. I just viewed the photos tho,coz my kanji reading is bad (also my Japanese skill is really bad). One picture really caught my eyes,it’s the picture if her flatform shoes, which exposed her cute black lacey socks,me likey (*3*) 
and anyway,I have my own flatform shoes that looks like her too 😀
 not perfectly the same,IKR? 😀
akikoooo, sepatu kita mirip looooh~ *norak*
By the way,I watched Fourze net movies of Kamen Rider Accel’s episode couple weeks ago, it’s really adorable, I like how Ryu being shy when Gen-chan praises him about being cool kamen rider and husband at the same time,aww ♥
oh please TOEI, can we get another W return movie? or at least  give us another TOEI HERO NEXT with Ryu and Akiko (or Kinomoto and Hikaru) being husband and wife respectively, please? I beg you *knelt down*
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How things happened.

-my life is getting constantly flat,calm and somewhat boring. It’s just like the comfort zone being too damn comfortable that I’m too tied…woooz ⊂((・⊥・))⊃

– I envy Yac who will be pre-school teacher really soon, and Ark who works for daycare now….I’m just too far from them…

– being home alone at the day might be really scary, I feel it Σ(゚д゚lll)

– The music course where I learn piano keep asking why I keep skipping class. Beside I got bunch of houseworks,it’s because I despise my teacher a lil bit,since he said he gonna teach me simple songs like ‘iwak peyek’ after we’re done with the basic lesson and score sheet reading. Hey hey! didn’t I enroll for classic piano?! ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノI’ll be fine if it’s just ‘twinkle twinkle little stars’ tho (-。-;

– kamen rider fourze has concluded the story last month,now it’s time for Wizard to shine. My friend told me that the scene when haruto fights with the dragon keeps reminding him of ‘sinema indosiar’ lol, I agree xD but still 1st episode of Wizard was pretty good 🙂

– and the last,Happy birthday to Doraemon and Yucchi ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ