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Finding the second Wind.


I received this email today from Productive Muslim. This is a blessing as I almost lost my motivation in this Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, I’m so grateful.

So I decided to share the email here. For whosoever reading this,and probably you’ll also need motivation in the last 10 days of Ramadhan, I hope this will help you.

Assalamu’alaikum Ridhah,

There’s a phenomenon in distance running, whereby an athlete who is too out of breath and tired to continue running will suddenly find new strength to push forward during a race.. this is called the “second wind”.. and it’s well documented by sport scientists and athletes.

The interesting thing about this phenomenon is that, normally, few minutes before it kicks in, the athlete feels very tired and even considers quitting the race, but once he/she passes that point.. the 2nd wind kicks in and they are running fast!

When I first read about the 2nd wind, I wondered if there’s a “spiritual 2nd wind”.. especially during Ramadan..

Most people after 20 days of Ramadan are feeling tired.. and may consider “quitting” by reducing their spiritual activities and “taking it easy” before Eid.. but my advice is to find your 2nd wind for these last 10 nights and end Ramadan just like an athlete on a high note..

Here are 5 practical ways to find your 2nd wind for these last 10 nights:

  1. Renew your intention: Remind yourself why you want to give this Ramadan your best. Why you shouldn’t give up now and why you should push forward and make the most of the last 10 nights.

  1. Watch motivational videos: Watch one or two motivational from our respected scholars that talk about the virtues of the last 10 nights and the virtues of laylatul Qadr. This helps to charge you up for these last remaining days.

  1. Renew your outer appearance: If you’ve been going to the masjid with your shabby prayer clothes, why not change it up and wear something that makes you feel good and makes these last 10 nights feel special. You’ll be amazed how your outer appearance has an impact on your inner state.

  1. Plan the last 10 nights: Plan every single night (and day) for the last 10 nights – hour by hour. Putting pen to paper and planning your nights/day could mean the difference of having a productive last 10 nights or not.

  1. Keep reminding yourself of Death: Remember – this could be your last Ramadan and you may never have another Ramadan again. If that was the case, what would you do in these last 10 nights that’ll make you feel that you’ve given these last 10 nights your best possible effort and there’s nothing more that you could’ve done extra?

I hope the above 5 tips help you find the 2nd wind you need to finish this beautiful Ramadan race on a high note.

I’m praying for your success – in this life and the next!


Mohammed Faris

Founder & Chief Productivity Officer



Author, The ProductiveMuslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity

I tweet & Snapchat @AbuProductive

I’m so thankful for productive Muslim and the time they give to motivate us Muslims, may Allah always bless them. Please do follow them,subscribe for more great content.

That’s it for now,

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 🙂

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Ahad Ini

Kayaknya janji one day one writing selalu teringkari oleh saya, huhuhu jadi malu 😦

Alhamdulillah tadi saya dikasih kesempatan lagi dengar kajian minggu pagi di masjid UI. Kali temanya tentang kajian Manajemen Keuangan Rumah Tangga Islam yang disampaikan oleh Ustadz Banu Muhammad, beliau adalah dosen FE UI.

Pembahasannya adalah cara mengatur keuangan dengan menambah pemasukan dan mengurangi pengeluaran. Ada beberapa istilah finance yang dipakai,alhamdulillah saya masih nyambung,berarti pelajaran kuliah ga lupa2 banget,hehe.

Yang paling bikin jleb jleb itu adalah ketika Ustadz mengingatkan bahwa semua pengeluaran kita nanti akan dipertanggungjawabkan di akhirat,bahkan tiap 1 rupiah pun akan ditanya, saya jadi takut,sedih mengingat2 semua uang yang pernah saya belanjakan di jalan yang tidak baik di mata Allah 😦

Anyway, dari setiap harta yang kita terima,ada hak Allah di dalamnya. Kata ustadz,minimal kita harus ngeluarin 10% dari penghasilan untuk Zakat,Infaq,dan Sadaqah. Dan sungguh, tak akan sia-sia harta yang kita habiskan di jalan Allah :’)


Terusss, dapat sarapan gratis,yeayyy.
Saya pulang, eh malah ketemu adek di jalan,dia minta ke sevel,trus kita ke sevel.
Balik rumah,dengar kabar margo city kebakaran, jalan margonda jadi riuh,heboh, bahkan terdengar hingga ke rumah kita yang cukup jauh dari pinggir jalan.

Siangnya saya datang seminar kangen water di PSJ UI, mostly isinya sama dengan presentasi tetangga saya, Rangga dan Ressa yang pernah saya dengar.

Setelahnya saya ke Gold’s gym, disusul adek, niatnya cuma mau nanya2, eh malah jadi daftar beneran. Yosh yosh 😀
Proses pendaftarannya lama banget, setelah itu kita langsung bergegas menuju MUI,belum shalat ashar hey!

Pulangnya,hujan turun lebat sekali,kita kehujanan, basah semua, payung pun tak guna. Nyampe rumah rasanya bahagia banget,Alhamdulillah, segala puji bagiMu ya Allah :’)

Sekarang masih hujan, kita ga ada makanan, air minum hampir habis,air di tower air juga abis, perlu nyalain pompa dulu ke bawah,huhu.

Segini dulu ngeblognya,sampai jumpa 🙂

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Dear mommy..

Assalamu’alaikum ibu.
This is my first unsent letter to you.
You won’t read this, you’ll never do so,but my sentiment brought me here.
Happy belated birthday, I love you 🙂
Your birthday was 5 days ago,finally, I did it! I finally found pink carnations to buy. The flower that I’ve always thought I will give it for you someday, my bad, I only find them recently.
Soon, it will be two years after you left. There’s so many things that already changed, in a good way.
We’re getting closer to Allah, I’m now a changed woman, lil bro is getting mature. We’re much calmer than before, even though shown his helpless belligerent rage sometimes :p
but bu, I’m still a lazy ass as always, you might cry if you’re still alive, hehe.
I’m amazed that you don’t throw me away at early age, because everybody knows that I made no use to you. I’m lazy,never get anything right, yet you still loved me, and for that I’m more than grateful.
You know bu, there are many times I’m still hoping for you to be alive, seems like I and lil bro couldn’t get used to it yet. I miss you bu. I keep remembering when you tried to woke me up by tapping my nose, and when I opened my eyes,you said :
“you have no idea how much I love you, don’t you?”
 My eyes will got teary everytime I think or talk about you.
 However we’ve been trying our best to be ikhlas, because we really love you. May Allah bless us continuously and may us reunited in His jannah. Aamiin.
Being born as your daughter is one of the best blessing I received from Allah SWT. Alhamdulillahirabbil’alamin.
Thank you for patiently took care of me.
May Allah bless you and forgives your mistakes.
with so much love and prayers,
your only daughter 🙂


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Syafakallah for us

Assalamu’alaikum silent readers,hehe

how are you? I hope you’re in the best condition of health and iman 🙂
Actually I’m not in a good shape now. I caught a cold,so I snot and cough for every 10 seconds or so,right now. A professor of mine said that,getting sick for so many times while pursuing your master degree,having 1000 hair-falls a day,can’t sleep peacefully every night are considered normal and tolerable. She sounded exaggerating at first,but it makes sense now.

Taken from benefiko’s instagram

Unbeknownst to me,my little brother is actually get sick too. He fainted in school yesterday,caused by his gastritis,then his condition got worse at night and he’s hospitalized. I feel bad because I am not there and my Dad is so busy alone taking care of brother,and he’s just recovered from flu couple days ago. May الله bless him continuously, aamiin.

Health is really a blessing. People often said that we don’t know how precious it was until we get sick. Sickness is a blessing too,it’s like a reminder for us that we’re just nothing without our God,despite all the greatness we have,we can be really powerless when we get sick. Rasulullah SAW said that sickness is the expiation of sins,subhanallah. This is explained in some Hadith,like this one :

For every misfortune, illness, anxiety, grief, or hurt that afflicts a Muslim -even the hurt caused by the pricking of a thorn – Allah removes some of his sins. (
HR. Bukhari no. 5641)

there is more you can learn in here, here and here 
So,don’t forget to be thankful for every situation,be thankful if you’re healthy, be thankful and be patient if you’re sick. I’ll try it 🙂 
Anyway,please wish me and my brother a speedy recovery.
wish to meet you in the next post.
Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 🙂
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Stories of the year-end..

Assalamu’alaykum everyone who happened to read this blog.
Today is the new year of hijriyah.
there’s somethings happened recently and I want to share it with this blog.
First,it was eid-al-adha last month. 2 weeks before,I and some classmates got the project to sell the cows for charity,interesting wasn’t it? 😀
Unlike last year, I spent this year eid-al-adha away from family,but totally just like last year, I was in my period which mean I couldn’t perform shalah in that day 😦
The thought of spending the happy day alone really got me, and I felt a lil bit lonely.
Lucky me, hanichu text me 1 day before the eid,offering me to celebrate it with her and her family, I was really thankful,but that time I still have sick load of assignments which need to be done,I was afraid I couldn’t make it,so I didn’t accept hanichu’s offer directly.
Then I woke up in the morning of eid, got personal message from hanichu’s mother (I also call her ‘ibu’),inviting me to her house, awww,this family is really kind. So,without hesitating I decide to commuting to their house.
I remembered last year, I was spending all day long texting mbapika,talking a lot of things about religious matter,her future husband (who was still unknown that time), her plan to have her own family…and now,she’s already married and even……… *okay,not continuing* 😀
Fast forward to the moment I was commuting alone. There’s many people who commuted to Bogor also, I even had to give my seat for an old woman,because there’s no more seat available. Fast forward again,and I arrived at Stasiun Depok Lama, waiting for hanichu,she said she actually already wanted to pick me up earlier,but ibu insisted to go along,so she got delayed. I said it’s okay,so I waited for awhile.
I sat on the bench and look around, there’s so many family,and they look really happy together. It wasn’t my first time to spent eid-al-adha alone, but every year,my late mom called me and told me how she wished I was there,because she cooked my favorite meal, I always replied that someday we’ll celebrate it together.
The fact is that day I was alone,and I really lucky to have hanichu and her family taking me. I was so lucky,yes?. I praised Allah and cried in silence.
Then hanichu came,she and her family is really kind,spending that day by playing with her cousins,watching ultraman,talk to her mom,watching mr.bean,got to taste ibu and hani’s amazing cooking,I’m really really grateful to know them…I always be thankful for that day. I am really really blessed to know you,hanichu 🙂 to know bumen and mbapika also.
The next day, I got back to reality,waking up to my daily activities,doing some dull assignments,and eventually passed the bloody mid-term exam. Alhamdulillah.
and yeah! we also got happy news from Bumen,for now,let it remains secret 😉
This year is really full of blessing yet I am still a fool for not obeying Allah SWT. Gotta work harder and harder to better.
till then,Assalamu’alaykum.
Let’s start over in the new year. 🙂

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..and her deen is complete :)

 Assalamu’alaikum 🙂

This is a happy post,I mean,I’m really happy everytime I think about this..
Yes,my bestfriend,former roommate,self-proclaimed sister,Mbapika is married! Alhamdulillah,subhanallah :”)

 Actually,this was happened last week…
The process was started with her khitbah on June,in Jogja,which I,hanichu and bumen didn’t attend.

Then, the September 7 comes so fast. I remember when I was really excited back then,saying I can’t hardly wait for the date to come…and,wooosh, it comes faster than expectation~

The walimatul ursy is held in Jogjakarta, Bumen,hanichu,and me bought the train’s ticket on July..
We departed from Stasiun Senen at September 5,it was 10pm and I skipped the Friday’s class x)
We arrived in Jogja at 6.30am the next day, and sadly after that,I fell sp hard down the road,and get wounded,black and blue on face. It’s hurt tho,but I’m really thankful it’s no more than that. Alhamdulillah.

We spent the Friday walking in Malioboro and Beringharjo (of course with my wounded face!), back to hotel and visited the bride-to-be at the night.

How could I see, I was really happy yet nervous seeing her and waiting for tomorrow. I thought that my friend will getting married and will be taken away from me, I fell kinda lonely,but that only lasted for few hours,and anyway,this bride-to-be making the souvenir by herself,that’s really mbapika 😀

the creative bride

Here come the morning, the day! finally!

Before akad
I think she’s kinda nervous

Her husband done the ijab qabul very smoothly and clearly! Subhanallah..Mbapika couldn’t stop shedding tears at that time, I was crying too, the happy tears of course :”)

‘after-crying’ face 😀

The bride and groom really look good together,match in heaven. I always respect mbapika, she is really generous,mature,and very good muslimah..she was ideal woman in my eyes,and of course,her husband is good also. They met through ta’aruf process and everything goes smooth since then~

I’m really happy that she already found someone to complete her deen,lead her in the way to jannah, all praises to Allah :”)

The day after,we go to Muntilan, to bumen’s grandparent house. Sad thing is, it was her and my last time to meet her grandmother,because she passed away yesterday,innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un 😦

We visit Borobudur,taking so many pictures.

This is embarassing but,we missed the train to back to Jakarta,we’re trapped in Jogja because there’s long march for festival something and late to arrive at station,lol. So,bus the only alternative left.We arrived at Jakarta on Monday morning,and I directly went to class without taking bath first x))))

It was a fun trip,seriously..
Last words, may Allah keeps the love of Mbapika and her husband forever. May Allah lead bumen’s grandmother soul to jannah. May Allah bless us all.

till then..
Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh 🙂

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I’m a sinner :(

Assalamu’alaikum everyone..
My mood is actually go up and down uncontrollably now.
I keep making sins eventhough I already promise in every shalah that I wont do the same mistakes again,still I failed :(((
..and to think that Allah is really really good to me yet I still being half-assed in loving Him makes me look like I’m the dumbest human being on Earth….

And remember Zun-nun,when he departed in wrath: He imagined that We had no power over him! But he cried through the depths of darkness,“There is no God but thou: glory to thee: I was indeed wrong!”    [QS Al-Anbiya :87]

I pray so hard that there’s forgiveness for me this time…
I”m sorry for those who read this, this so emo,but I need to write this down
May Allah bless us all…