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Look alike :)

It’s been a long time since the last time I viewed Hikaru Yamamoto’s blog. I just viewed the photos tho,coz my kanji reading is bad (also my Japanese skill is really bad). One picture really caught my eyes,it’s the picture if her flatform shoes, which exposed her cute black lacey socks,me likey (*3*) 
and anyway,I have my own flatform shoes that looks like her too 😀
 not perfectly the same,IKR? 😀
akikoooo, sepatu kita mirip looooh~ *norak*
By the way,I watched Fourze net movies of Kamen Rider Accel’s episode couple weeks ago, it’s really adorable, I like how Ryu being shy when Gen-chan praises him about being cool kamen rider and husband at the same time,aww ♥
oh please TOEI, can we get another W return movie? or at least  give us another TOEI HERO NEXT with Ryu and Akiko (or Kinomoto and Hikaru) being husband and wife respectively, please? I beg you *knelt down*