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Their wedding anniversary

I found my mom’s old diary months ago. On the second page of it, there’s an oath she made with Allah SWT written. 
So I decide to write them down here, coz it’s gonna be my oath too.
Demi Allah,saya hanya rela dijamah lelaki,Setelah Ijab dan Qabul.
Ya Rabby
Semoga Engkau senantiasa melindungiku,jauhkanlah aku dari segala godaan syaithan
jadikanlah aku,hamba Mu yang tetap berjalan menurut normaMu
Amin!!! Ya Rabby
and there’s prayer following after.
Ya ‘azza wajalla
*Berilah aku jodoh yang Engkau redhai,yang dapat mendampingiku dengan penuh kesetiaan dan dapat menuntun untuk kebahagiaan dunia wal akhirah.
*Temukanlah untukku lelaki yang agamawan dan idealist.
*Jadikanlah aku kelak jadi istri/wanita yang tunduk dan patuh kepada suami sesuai dengan tuntutan firmanMu ya Rahim.
Amiin ya Rabbal alamin.
and Allah granted her du’a,answer her with my Dad’s proposal few years later.
What impressed me here, they were not in a relationship before,even no romantic hints happened between them.
My Dad, who grew up in Jakarta moved to the same neighborhood with Mom.
In one random day,he proposed my Mom to be his wife, then he brought my Grandma (his mom) to Mom’s family, to officially propose her. How cool =))))
My mom said, she was crying that day,because something told her my dad is the one, and it turned like he is the one for the rest of her life . 🙂
This day, 22 years ago,they’re officially married,and Mom was Daddy’s greatest supporter for 21 years and 9 months before she passed away.
Happy wedding anniversary parents.
Semoga Allah mempertemukan dan menjodohkan lagi Ibu dan Bapak di Surga.
Semoga Ibu benar-benar menjadi Bidadari Surga-nya Bapak. Aamiin…
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Rage raisin

It was friday and my daddy came back early from his office to get some our family’s banking issues done. Of course he took me and my  lil bro. It was 2.30pm,and he’s worrying that bank will close,so he’s doing everything in hurry. However, much to his chagrin, his driver being so persistent and annoying that day,he even took the wrong way,and deliver us to the wrong bank,LOL xD
Fortunately, things are going well,and fast, the bank’s teller even being so overly kind atm. Thank you.
and that means,we still can go for ‘family hang out’. It actually turns to be a ‘uniform shopping’-time for my lil bro, coz his uniforms are mostly shrinked because he grown up really fast and it’s like he wears the same clothes 4days a week, rrrr…
It’s not because my daddy didn’t care about him, my daddy already give him money to buy it (and he actually buy his uniform by himself since junior high), but he spent the money for anything else (i.e. buying pizza) OTL
So we went to famous ‘Pasar Atas’, well,it remains me a lot of my late mother, even some shop’s owner asked how is she now,without knowing that she has passed away. I dunno,everything just feel awkward, like somebody punch me on the stomach repeatedly,awkward.
Then we went to tailor to order trousers for him,coz his legs measurements are pretty abnormal,heheehe 😀

we also got very early dinner and then go home…

But my most favorite part of it, is, buying a new lipstick, revlon raisin rage, which I’m so madly madly fall in ♥
Lil bro and father despise it so much and telling me “warnanya ga bagus” and it didn’t suit me…..and I don’t care! hahahaha =))))
anyway,what do you think? 😉
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For mother I love the most…

it’s been a while since I last updated this blog. My mom just passed away on June 21,2012 and no doubt it was the most painful memory I’ve ever had in my entire life. However,what I can do for her is sending my du’a and good amal, so that I still can make her smile,even when she’s not physically exist beside me anymore,just like mbapika said. I am thankful for being born as her daughter,and I am always proud of her. She was,is,and will still be my everything.

I’m so grateful for every moment I spent with you,’Cause I know life wont last forever. You went so soon,so soon” – So soon (Maher Zain)

If you know my mom in real life,recognize her, please forgive the mistakes she had done,may Allah bless you. 
anyway,if you have lost your parent(s) too, you can also read good articles about what you can do to your late parents here and here
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Dear Maungs..

” Meski suatu hari kita tak bisa lg dekat secara fisik,ingatlah nama kita masing2 dalam stiap do’a yang terpanjat. Krn disana,kita dekat tanpa jarak.” Bumen

Now that we’ve graduated, and we walk our own path, we can’t jump to each other like we used to..
Distance makes us apart, but we’re close somehow…

Thank you for all the good memories, I must be very lucky to have friends like you..
I couldn’t find any other words, simply because you’re the best I ever have 🙂

I’m glad you came….

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Precious moments..

Found this old photo, not really old though, it was taken almost 3 years ago.
I can’t be thankful enough about how they have made my life being so colorful and not-so-flat like how it was.
I dunno where the future may take us to, but I have captured and saved these very moments in my mind, and I only want to say that these past 3 years and today , I’m really glad to have friends like you, thank you 🙂

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about mom

I often do superficial acts that pissed my mom so bad.  Sometimes I might told my mom something ridiculous which I didn’t really mean it, or I’m not really thinking before doing so. Just like our conversation 2 months ago :

Me :     Bu, I want to marry someone who is older than me someday.
Mom :   *not really care* ah,yes,that’s great.
Me :      I want my husband is 20 years older than me…
Mom :   WHAT?!! #%$%^&()@#%#$*&^$@%^*()*!@#$%^

after that, she couldn’t stop mumbling and complaining about how reckless I am and what the hell I am thinking bout, it last until 2 days. Hehehe, I know she loves me so much that she worried.

I also love my mom, I really wish I won’t disappoint her and I’ll make her proud of me, InsyaAllah.