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Why can’t I…


Today I heard my student complain about how he couldn’t open his own tumbler.
He screamed  in frustration “Why can’t I open my own bottle while other kids can?!!!!”
He cried, throwing everything to here and there……

and I was like…..

Do I look like that sometime?
Hating my self for what I can’t do,screaming and getting furious over random things and cry,trying to get attention and hoping a salvation will come…

while I actually…
just didn’t work hard enough to overcome the problems..

phew, so random…

Okay, see you

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Moving On..

Assalamu’ailaikum everybody..
This is probably too late,but I want to say this no matter what

                                EID MUBARAK,EVERYONE 🙂

Sad thing is, I think I really didn’t do much on Ramadhan, that’s why I feel like don’t deserve to celebrate eid al-fitr, coz I didn’t win anything 😦
Then,talking about holiday. Luckily, we got 1 month-holiday after short semester,yaiyyyy!!!
Alhamdulillah, I can come back home and celebrate eid with family for this year too 🙂
Me,lil bro,aunty,grandpa,and cousins

Lil Bro with baby niece

Let’s move to another thing. It was always my dream job to be a pre-school teacher,and for these past 7 months I keep lamenting and blabbering about how I miss my old job,how fun it was,how nice the environment was,I hate studying and doing assignments,I wanna go back and quit,so on and so forth. 
So,I visit my former workplace the other day. I didn’t meet any students,because the school time was finished that time. Everything has changed, the teachers already being replaced twice, the day-care babies already grown up,there are new babies also. My former students were pursuing their different ways. Some were made it to prestigious public elementary school, the other,who is not 6 years old yet,moved to private kindergarten which will help them to enter that said private elementary school without test. Some were moving to another town,or taken care of under their grandparents custody. The rest is continuing their education in my former school. 
Then, I feel like I should stop wanting to come back and focusing on my study instead..
Let all the moments of me being a pre-school teacher be a very good memories I want to keep remember. Eventhough I’m not sure the kids will still remember me now,but I’m happy enough 🙂
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School Holiday

Assalamu’alaikum.. 🙂

I think it’s really fun to be a school teacher, because whenever the students get holiday (end of term,national holiday,etc.),teacher get holiday too..hehe

So, the first term of this school year ended at 21st December. I feel bad,coz this month I absent a lot,because I was in Jakarta from Nov 30 till Dec 16 doing something, that’s why I was away from this blog for long time.

Then,when I got back to school,it’s already exam period. Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday was the days for scoring their verbal,writing,reading (Iqra’ and book) ability, Thursday for compiling the scores,and Friday for giving the report book,and we got 2 weeks holiday /

everyone’s so excited,and told me their holiday plan already. Some will go to Spore and Hongkong, some will go out of town,while the rest stay at home.

and this thing happened…
some students asked me like “holiday means that we  won’t go to school,right?” and I said yes..
the next is,with their sad faces they said :

“if we don’t come to school,then we won’t see teacher,right? what if I miss you?”

 I swear I really happy that time,and I shed tears (secretly) ,then hugged them really tight….oh Allah,I really thank You for this,for the job,for those kids,I really love them,so much I couldn’t even find other words to express my feeling :’)

 Well,I stay at home too,what are you doing for your holiday?
 whatever it is,happy holiday :’)

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Zoo with the kids :)

Hi,it’s me and the kids again.
last Tuesday we’re going out to the zoo! /
Trust me,I’ve never been excited to go the zoo before,not in my entire life.
Seeing this kids jumping and so exciting makes me excited too!

Then we started the trip,by walking..
it usually takes less than 5 minutes to go there from school,but it took more time when I was with these students.
It’s really hard to take them being still on the line,I had to run here and there to catch them…x)))

then we arrived at the bird park (which is the part of the zoo too).

Then stop at the Fort De Kock for a while. The Netherlander fortress,which was once the name of Bukittinggi. 

We continued the trip,crossing the bridge and arrived at the ‘real’ zoo.

The kids excitedly sang “tiger lion,tiger lion,elephant,elephant,crocodile crocodile,pig and snake,pig and snake!”,but we didn’t see tiger,lion and pig at all. 😦

Again,I had to run here and there,back and forth to catch them, I’m glad I only used sandals that time 😀

Finally we’re heading home,after they saw Orang Utan and said “Cher,Monkey, Cheeer~” oTL x)))

and the long and tiring day had passed,I was so happy and thankful and tired .
Now,I’m gladly waiting for another trip 😀

note : I took so many pictures of them,but none of them are well-captured -_-
I decided to put them in collages,but I think it didn’t really help 😀

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No,I’m not Vlogging :P

After being in youtube for years,I finally upload my first youtube Video,hahaha..
No,not an important video,it’s just the video of me and two of my students,after the school,while waiting their parents coming and taking their home.
Why only two? because everybody have back home,and they’re the only 2 left 🙂
The video is a lil bit shaky, and LQ..sorry,because I took it with my iPod touch.

*ps : for online friends who never see me before,or wondering how my voice sounds like,here you go. be sure to say “Hi” to me if we eventually meet,ok? hehe

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late bday post of my king :D

Heiho, it’s been a long time since my last post, so here is another birthday post of Shadiq,my boss’s (a.k.a principal of our school) son 🙂
not gonna write much about it,I’m being totally half-assed now, gomeen (>///<)
here we go…
the birthday dinner before the party,aww,our king is turning 2
The birthday party

the birthday boy is in a deep sleep. x))
our principal is MC now 🙂
the boys were on a game,can you feel the heat? 😀    

 Then the last pic is my face..ngahahaha *kicked*

thx for coming,see you on another birthday spam :*

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Vania’s birthday party

So I try fulfill my promise to post about Vania’s birthday party. I said it’s tiring because it’s not easy to take these kids to walk to Texas Chicken (+/- 500 meters away from school,beuh,I’m bad at assuming) ,it’s even harder to take them back to school,because they suddenly turning into crybaby,sighing and crying,even asking me to carry them and their whatnot,lol, your teacher is not that strong,kids 🙂

I said it was fun because yeah it’s FUN! every birthday party should be fun,yes?. The kids were so excited and happy which make me happy too. 🙂
and last,I’m wishing my cute student a very wonderful year ahead,a year full of love from everybody.

so here some of the photos (which poorly taken by me :p ). Enjoy

p.s : please expect more birthday post to come 🙂

antri kids,antriii~
The excited friends
look at the boy,he sure is popular x)
Birthday game while the birthday judging.
Me with Ratu.
My passionate boss lead everyone to sing 😀
a song from Feni for Vania

Vania and her proud parents

Happy birthday,sweetheart 🙂