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[Random Meme] I Must Confess in Threes

  • Blab: Three secrets I’m keeping. 
    • I feel so lonely,many times.
    • I’m a straight-biromantic person.
    •  I have very strange dreams,many times.

  • Mwah: Three people I’d like to kiss.
    • hmmm,my students? hmm,I kiss them everyday. no biggie :p
  • Similar: Three members of the same sex I find attractive. 
    • Amber of F(X)
    • Maccon
    • Shiho
  • Different: Three members of the opposite sex I find attractive 
    • KOKI
    • SHOKICHI :))))))
  • Pastime: Three hobbies I have that I would be embarrassed to know someone discovered. 
    • Makan bubur bayi,biskuit bayi,pakai bedak bayi..okay,that’s three…
  • Doing: Three habits that I have. 
    •  Making sure that I take my umbrella and water bottle whenever I’ll go out.
    • Checking the doors (whether they’re locked or not) like 3 times before going to bed.
    • Making sure that tissue,a glass of water and cotton bud are available near my bed before I sleep
  • Psst: Three things that I’ve always wanted to tell you. 
    • Many things happened and I’m no longer the same person I used to be
    • That’s why I have different dreams now.
    • Please,please don’t act like you know me very well,while you actually don’t. Thank you :).
  • Shh: Three things I wouldn’t want my parents to know 
    • My silly,stupid,uncool acts on my socmed account…that’s really embarrassing x)))
  • Dream: Three wishes I have. 
    • I want to be a good wife and mother. 
    •  I want to be more and more faithful muslimah.
    • I wish I can make my dad being proud of me.
  • Want: Three things I would do to you if we were alone. 
    • Nothing, that’s an awkward situation.
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[Random Meme] Kamen Rider 30 Days Challenge (Day 28)

*I think I can write all of them at the moment. Guess I just have to wait patiently*

Day 1- Favourite Rider-
>> W (double) for many reasons. The concept of two souls become one gets me all the time.

Day 2- Least Favourite Rider-
>> Can’t decide yet,all riders I’ve watched are stand out on their own way. I probably will update it later,not sure tho 😀

Day 3- Favourite Series –
>> W,absolutely W,it was brilliant series,so adorable yet deep and touching. The portion of action and drama are perfect.and probably teriyaki was the sweetest ship that turns into official couple I’ve ever had.Thank you W 🙂

Day 4- Least Favourite Series
>> Decade. No offense,I just haven’t feel the emotional connection towards the series yet.

Day 5- Series You’re Currently Watching-
>> Wizard. It’s only 3 episodes so far, but I ship Haruto-Koyomi already ♪(´ε` )

Day 6- Series you recently finished-
>> Fourze. I’m having a hard time to move on from the adorable KRC members. Thx to ryutomo shippers who keep holding grip and give me weekly dose of what probably called ‘fourze after story’. I love you guys o(^▽^)o

Day 7- Series You Haven’t Seen-
>> there are many of them. I haven’t seen all showa kamen rider,except black and black RX. Agito and Hibiki also are on my to watch list.

Day 8- Favourite Side Character-
>> definitely,only NARUMI AKIKO ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

Day 9- Least Favourite Side Character-
>> Onodera Yuusuke.

Day 10- Favourite Main Villain-
>> Mitsuaki Gamou and his cliques. they are very unique,and everyone has their own background story that make them different from any other villain so far.

Day 11- Least Favourite Main Villain-
>> All villains on Decade.

Day 12- Favourite Monsters-
>> Zodiart! Awesome!

Day 13- Least Favourite Monsters-
>> Shocker.

Day 14- Favourite Secondary Rider-
>> for me,it has to be Sasword,coz he’s strong,talented,serious,yet really funny. The fact that he’s actually a worm really saddened,he died in kabuto’s hands,but that was an ending he wish for. 😦

Day 15- Least Favourite Secondary Rider-
>> I dunno yet 😀

Day 16- Favourite Rider Form-
>> Decade default form…it’s just beautiful and awesome!

Day 17- Favourite Rider Design-
>> Fourze,it’s just hilariously standing out 🙂

Day 18- Favourite Theme Song-
>> Kuuga,a good reminiscence of mu childhood o(^▽^)o

Day 19- Most Epic Moment-
>> — tbc

Day 20- Saddest Moment-
>> when Yuji Kiba (horse orphnoch of kamen rider faiz) run to catch his past and he’s crying ( T_T)\(^-^ )

Day 21- Funniest Moment-
>> Everytime tsurugi-kun enter the scene x)))))

Day 22- Something You Would Want To Change In Any Series-
>> the sad love story hinted,or painful ship tease,ship sinking,I just CAN’Twith these!

Day 23- Favourite Insert Song
>> Cyclone effect accoustic version.

Day 24- Something You Wished Happened In Any Series-
>> Happy ending love story for lead rider and the sidekicks, I hate teaser,really Σ(゚д゚lll)

Day 25- Favourite Finisher –
>>I dunno,I think I’ll go for Faiz’s finisher…

Day 26- Least Favourite Finisher-
>> Duh,I dunno X_x

Day 27- Favourite Final Battle-
>> OOO of course. Epic.

Day 28- Least Favourite Final Battle-
>> Kiva.

Day 29 – Favourite Henshin-
>> Black RX

Day 30- Your Dream Team of 3 Riders-
>> kuuga,kabuto,W

Ah,finish,finally o(^▽^)o

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Meme Proposal Sequel :3

Udah lama ga ngepoin blognya si Aud, dan ternyataaa…mereka sudah menikah~
Liat deh ini….awwww :3

unyuuu banget ya wedding vownya..nyuuuu~
Terus si Tim ngucapin vow dalam bahasa Jepang karena Audrey suka Jepang.
yang paling nyentuh itu ya yg bagian ‘issho ni waratte’ sama “..and I promise that I’ll be there for you and I’ll always love you” awwwn *gigit bantal*

tiba-tiba saya jadi punya pikiran,,kalau Allah mengizinkan saya menikah nanti,karena saya suka Kamen Rider,mau ga ya suami saya pake kostum Kamen Rider Double gitu pas resepsi, atau mas kawinnya seperangkat alat shalat dan sepaket S.H. FigureArts,atau sekalian aja gitu mukenah motif kamen rider, hehehe….becanda deh, jadi takut juga nanti ga jadi nikah,yang ada malah digebukin keluarga calon suami xDDDD

Eh,tapi bagus ya konsepnya garden party gitu,sweet,simple,cozy,tapi elegant. Yang mbapika mau banget deh kaya’nya ya,garden party yg memorable. Tapi ga lucu ya kalo ijab kabul off-air gitu 😀 *ampuuun*

Anyway, Happy wedding to Audrey and Timothy, long last and always be happy together,forever 🙂