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Salah satu nikmat Allah bulan ini adalah saya dikasih kesempatan untuk lulus kuliah tahun ini, Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚

Puji Syukur atas segala langkah yang dimudahkan Allah, pembelajaran yang diperoleh selama proses pengerjaan tesis, ilmu-ilmu baru yang semakin membuat saya merasa sebagai fakir ilmu, serta dukungan keluarga dan sahabat yang tak henti-henti, masyaa Allah, Allahu Akbar. πŸ™‚

Terimakasih buat sahabat-sahabat dan keluarga yang sudah menyempatkan datang. Meski wisudanya krik-krik karena ga ada temen, tp pas kelar rasanya bahagia tak terdera πŸ™‚

click for pic spam and love video πŸ˜€

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In the Kingdom of Character

Assalamu’alaikum everyone,I hope you are in the best health and iman πŸ™‚
I’m always in reporting anything to blog. So this post will fall to category of #latepost. Hehe x)
Last Sunday, I saw a picture in my friend’s path. She post her picture with Ultraman.
Here come the curiosity. As a toku-otaku, I’ll sensitively react whenever I see pics oof toku-related stuff.
I asked her, she told me that there is exhibition in Galeri Nasional till March 23,2014,where the famous characters from Japan are displayed. Please refer to this link for more information. That time, I think I will visit the gallery sooner.
Later,my friend Chaky came to my place from Bandung, she’s staying because she’s having interview schedule with her future employer (aamiin). Then I forgot about the plan.
The next day, Chaky went to her interview, and I supposed to do my thesis,which turn out I got stuck,hahaha.
The time was just right when Chaky text me she have finished the interview and she got nothing to do.
Long story short, we’re already arrieved at the gallery πŸ˜€
Because it was Monday, there ain’t many visitors came. It’s only me,chaky,2 other families and some cameramen/reporters. Lucky us. We actually took many pictures with embarrassing poses, better not sharing it. :p
To be frank, there ain’t many characters that displayed,which is below my expectation. However,we’re happy to take their photos πŸ˜€ Please enjoy my picspam πŸ™‚
with the protected Gundam. We can't touch him,whyyyyy? :(
with the protected Gundam. We can’t touch him,whyyyyy? 😦 
Girly mode. Hello Kitty Friends.
Pika Pika chuuuu ^_^
Too bad,there’s no Kamen Rider being displayed,he only got featured in information board. Zannen desu ne. As avid fans of Kamen Rider, me and Chaky wasn’t quite happy with this. Hopefully he’ll got his stage next time πŸ˜€

At least,Ultraman came to save us,hihihi. I love Ultraman series too, and I like his gallant figure.
Taking pictures with Ultraman made us look like dwarves,aint’t we? hahaha. Later, I realized that Ultraman is like wearing red tight shortpants as his uniform,font you think so? haha…I just realized it after so many years. Bakamono x)
Then we ended our Gallery tour and went to Gramedia because Chaky said she want to buy books. She didn’t buy anything in the end,haha.
haa,that’s a wrap.
There’s still time to visit the Ultraman and his friends. There are other cute characters too,sadly I didn’t take their pictures.
Still,this is a good place to spend your time with your family πŸ™‚
See you and have a nice day
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Their sweet condo,marriage life and other stories to tell :)

Assalamu’alaikum everyone..
I hope you’re in the best condition of health and iman. Happy holiday.

It’s semester break for me already. I have done my final exams, submitted my master thesis proposal, submitted all assignments, so the next task only to wait for my proposal screening schedule which somehow can be really unpredictable.
Β Last week my brother was here,we got some quick escapades in Jakarta, then he left on Dec 25, and now I’m pretty much lonely and got nothing to do now.Ahem

Also last week, Bumen,Hanichu and I finally visited mbapika for the first time after she got married. Her condo is wayyyyy too far from my place,which means the distance is in our way to meet more often.
After being misguided by google maps, crossing the way which shouldn’t be crossed,we’re finally there. *feeling accomplished*

The condo is small yet very neat,clean and so mbapika. It reminds me a lot of our roommate era and when she stayed with Hanichu.
At glance,nothing really change. She’s still mbapika we know, her laugh,her pouting face,her gestures,her habits,except for the baby bump in her belly,masyaAllah. Yes, insyaAllah we’ll be aunties next year,alhamdulillah πŸ™‚

What actually changed is that she’s now having completely different life which is too complicated for my league. Ahheeee. I can’t believe the roommate I once lived with,now talk and think about complicated things like their relationship as husband and wife, planning for future house,buying lands, her family financial planning, and how to raise baby of course,not to mention how she deals with her pregnancy. Which is really hard to catch,considering I’m still behaving like a kid,while my bestfriend literally will have a kid. OTL

Unfortunately, I forget to take a picture of her condo. I took a picture of Hani and Bumen instead.

They were imitating the bride and groom pose in their wedding photosoot,much to mbapika’s chagrin x))))
also unfortunately,I don’t have the original version and I couldn’t take good picture because I was terribly shaking and awed seeing their pose,and it’s turn out to be not that good, but they are cute,yes? πŸ˜€

Alsooooooooo….talking about thesis now. I choose a topic based on my passion now. What’s my passion? of course it’s “early childhood education”, then in what way it’s related to financial management? well well, it’s best to not reveal it until got the approval, I think.
And it’s part of Bumen,Mbapika,Hanichu and my dream,actually. Hopefully the thesis will be useful for us in the future. aamiin…
Sooner,there’ll be ‘master thesis journal’ tag in this blog, I suppose.

To end this post, let me be thankful about how Allah put me in Presuniv back then, to meet these wonderful people. I was really lucky. They are friends,partners, and older sisters to me at the same time. I miss them so much because we can’t meet frequently unless we make serious planning like weeks before. Looking forward to meet them again.

For now,wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh πŸ™‚

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Stories of the year-end..

Assalamu’alaykum everyone who happened to read this blog.
Today is the new year of hijriyah.
there’s somethings happened recently and I want to share it with this blog.
First,it was eid-al-adha last month. 2 weeks before,I and some classmates got the project to sell the cows for charity,interesting wasn’t it? πŸ˜€
Unlike last year, I spent this year eid-al-adha away from family,but totally just like last year, I was in my period which mean I couldn’t perform shalah in that day 😦
The thought of spending the happy day alone really got me, and I felt a lil bit lonely.
Lucky me, hanichu text me 1 day before the eid,offering me to celebrate it with her and her family, I was really thankful,but that time I still have sick load of assignments which need to be done,I was afraid I couldn’t make it,so I didn’t accept hanichu’s offer directly.
Then I woke up in the morning of eid, got personal message from hanichu’s mother (I also call her ‘ibu’),inviting me to her house, awww,this family is really kind. So,without hesitating I decide to commuting to their house.
I remembered last year, I was spending all day long texting mbapika,talking a lot of things about religious matter,her future husband (who was still unknown that time), her plan to have her own family…and now,she’s already married and even……… *okay,not continuing* πŸ˜€
Fast forward to the moment I was commuting alone. There’s many people who commuted to Bogor also, I even had to give my seat for an old woman,because there’s no more seat available. Fast forward again,and I arrived at Stasiun Depok Lama, waiting for hanichu,she said she actually already wanted to pick me up earlier,but ibu insisted to go along,so she got delayed. I said it’s okay,so I waited for awhile.
I sat on the bench and look around, there’s so many family,and they look really happy together. It wasn’t my first time to spent eid-al-adha alone, but every year,my late mom called me and told me how she wished I was there,because she cooked my favorite meal, I always replied that someday we’ll celebrate it together.
The fact is that day I was alone,and I really lucky to have hanichu and her family taking me. I was so lucky,yes?. I praised Allah and cried in silence.
Then hanichu came,she and her family is really kind,spending that day by playing with her cousins,watching ultraman,talk to her mom,watching mr.bean,got to taste ibu and hani’s amazing cooking,I’m really really grateful to know them…I always be thankful for that day. I am really really blessed to know you,hanichu πŸ™‚ to know bumen and mbapika also.
The next day, I got back to reality,waking up to my daily activities,doing some dull assignments,and eventually passed the bloody mid-term exam. Alhamdulillah.
and yeah! we also got happy news from Bumen,for now,let it remains secret πŸ˜‰
This year is really full of blessing yet I am still a fool for not obeying Allah SWT. Gotta work harder and harder to better.
till then,Assalamu’alaykum.
Let’s start over in the new year. πŸ™‚

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..and her deen is complete :)

Β Assalamu’alaikum πŸ™‚

This is a happy post,I mean,I’m really happy everytime I think about this..
Yes,my bestfriend,former roommate,self-proclaimed sister,Mbapika is married! Alhamdulillah,subhanallah :”)

Β Actually,this was happened last week…
The process was started with her khitbah on June,in Jogja,which I,hanichu and bumen didn’t attend.

Then, the September 7 comes so fast. I remember when I was really excited back then,saying I can’t hardly wait for the date to come…and,wooosh, it comes faster than expectation~

The walimatul ursy is held in Jogjakarta, Bumen,hanichu,and me bought the train’s ticket on July..
We departed from Stasiun Senen at September 5,it was 10pm and I skipped the Friday’s class x)
We arrived in Jogja at 6.30am the next day, and sadly after that,I fell sp hard down the road,and get wounded,black and blue on face. It’s hurt tho,but I’m really thankful it’s no more than that. Alhamdulillah.

We spent the Friday walking in Malioboro and Beringharjo (of course with my wounded face!), back to hotel and visited the bride-to-be at the night.

How could I see, I was really happy yet nervous seeing her and waiting for tomorrow. I thought that my friend will getting married and will be taken away from me, I fell kinda lonely,but that only lasted for few hours,and anyway,this bride-to-be making the souvenir by herself,that’s really mbapika πŸ˜€

the creative bride

Here come the morning, the day! finally!

Before akad
I think she’s kinda nervous

Her husband done the ijab qabul very smoothly and clearly! Subhanallah..Mbapika couldn’t stop shedding tears at that time, I was crying too, the happy tears of course :”)

‘after-crying’ face πŸ˜€

The bride and groom really look good together,match in heaven. I always respect mbapika, she is really generous,mature,and very good muslimah..she was ideal woman in my eyes,and of course,her husband is good also. They met through ta’aruf process and everything goes smooth since then~

I’m really happy that she already found someone to complete her deen,lead her in the way to jannah, all praises to Allah :”)

The day after,we go to Muntilan, to bumen’s grandparent house. Sad thing is, it was her and my last time to meet her grandmother,because she passed away yesterday,innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un 😦

We visit Borobudur,taking so many pictures.

This is embarassing but,we missed the train to back to Jakarta,we’re trapped in Jogja because there’s long march for festival something and late to arrive at station,lol. So,bus the only alternative left.We arrived at Jakarta on Monday morning,and I directly went to class without taking bath first x))))

It was a fun trip,seriously..
Last words, may Allah keeps the love of Mbapika and her husband forever. May Allah lead bumen’s grandmother soul to jannah. May Allah bless us all.

till then..
Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh πŸ™‚

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Play play and play~

Assalamu’alaikum πŸ™‚
My final term exam is next week,yet the desire to play suddenly arise so significantly, haha..
I think I got wasted in this weekend.
I was watching Fast and Furious 6 onΒ  Friday,accompanied the two barbarian friends,lol.
I was crying when watching Gisele and Han’s progress of their relationship, the friends laughing at me so hard,told me many times “Ridh,it’s not a romance movie,you know?”
I know it perfectly, oh,am I the only one who feel that their story is sad? ah maaaa (>w<)
Then taking some pictures on United Nations Peacekeeper Day at Epicentrum Walk.. (actually we forced asking the help of security for taking our picture πŸ˜€ )
Β Aaaand,the day after,I finaly got to visit the event of Ennichisai- Little Tokyo at Blok M with Hanichu and Mbapika who were really kind to be my companies that day, thank you very much Al-Maung πŸ™‚
Only found 2 tokusatsu Cosplayers,the Akiba Red whom I was taking picture with and Kuuga.
Little did I know that the SAT KOMUTAKU have their own show today,which means there are Fourze,Wizard,Kuuga,KR Girls and many more toku cosplayers showed up. waaaaaa,won’t gonna miss it the next time.
That’s for today, I’ve gotta study for sure!! (>w<)
See you next time,Insya Allah πŸ™‚
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A year after graduation (late post)


It was April 25th,2012, I was sitting in the hall next to maung,surrounded by Class of 2008’s members,all with graduation attributes.
Everyone seemed so happy,excited yet nervous. I was kinda sad.
That day,I was wondering what will I be in next year? working? getting married? or continuing school? will I still be in Jakarta? or back to Bukittinggi? or in a foreign country? What will maung be in next year? what will all these people in the hall be in next year?

One year comes so fast. I’ve been through many things,I’ve changed,my friends changed, I’m still here in Jakarta, maung too,some friends go to different cities,some stay in Cikarang,to pursue different dreams,different objectives.

I might be graduated from PresUniv, but I will never be graduated for all 3,5 years moments we have in that deserted area called Cikarang baru x)))