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Look alike :)

It’s been a long time since the last time I viewed Hikaru Yamamoto’s blog. I just viewed the photos tho,coz my kanji reading is bad (also my Japanese skill is really bad). One picture really caught my eyes,it’s the picture if her flatform shoes, which exposed her cute black lacey socks,me likey (*3*) 
and anyway,I have my own flatform shoes that looks like her too 😀
 not perfectly the same,IKR? 😀
akikoooo, sepatu kita mirip looooh~ *norak*
By the way,I watched Fourze net movies of Kamen Rider Accel’s episode couple weeks ago, it’s really adorable, I like how Ryu being shy when Gen-chan praises him about being cool kamen rider and husband at the same time,aww ♥
oh please TOEI, can we get another W return movie? or at least  give us another TOEI HERO NEXT with Ryu and Akiko (or Kinomoto and Hikaru) being husband and wife respectively, please? I beg you *knelt down*
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Rage raisin

It was friday and my daddy came back early from his office to get some our family’s banking issues done. Of course he took me and my  lil bro. It was 2.30pm,and he’s worrying that bank will close,so he’s doing everything in hurry. However, much to his chagrin, his driver being so persistent and annoying that day,he even took the wrong way,and deliver us to the wrong bank,LOL xD
Fortunately, things are going well,and fast, the bank’s teller even being so overly kind atm. Thank you.
and that means,we still can go for ‘family hang out’. It actually turns to be a ‘uniform shopping’-time for my lil bro, coz his uniforms are mostly shrinked because he grown up really fast and it’s like he wears the same clothes 4days a week, rrrr…
It’s not because my daddy didn’t care about him, my daddy already give him money to buy it (and he actually buy his uniform by himself since junior high), but he spent the money for anything else (i.e. buying pizza) OTL
So we went to famous ‘Pasar Atas’, well,it remains me a lot of my late mother, even some shop’s owner asked how is she now,without knowing that she has passed away. I dunno,everything just feel awkward, like somebody punch me on the stomach repeatedly,awkward.
Then we went to tailor to order trousers for him,coz his legs measurements are pretty abnormal,heheehe 😀

we also got very early dinner and then go home…

But my most favorite part of it, is, buying a new lipstick, revlon raisin rage, which I’m so madly madly fall in ♥
Lil bro and father despise it so much and telling me “warnanya ga bagus” and it didn’t suit me…..and I don’t care! hahahaha =))))
anyway,what do you think? 😉