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Les bahasa afrika???

((minggu lalu))


Bapak : “coba cari les masak kue di depok,biar bisa bikin usaha toko kue” *random ya*

Saya: “okeee”

((beberapa hari yang lalu))

((telponan lagi))

Saya┬á: “Pak, ridhah udah nemu tempat les masak privat”

Bapak : “apa? jangan becanda deh?!”

Saya : ” Lho kenapa Bapak marah?”

Bapak : “Ngapain pula mau les bahasa afrika? ada-ada aja!” (makin marah)

Saya dan adek : (ngakak ga berhenti, wkwkwkwkkwkw)

“LES MA SAK PRI VAT BAPAK bukan les bahasa afrika”

Bapak : “oh iya, hehe, salah denger bapak”


gitu deh, alat komunikasi emang bikin dekat, tapi sering bikin salah paham ­čśÇ

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IG and relativity 

I have a relatife whose age is the same as mine. A female too, but she’s already married at the young age and have 2 children already. Living in a small town in West Sumatra.

One day we have a family gathering and have a family-driving(?) moment. Her husband drove the car with her, their children, her younger sister, me and my brother.

Her younger sister keeps talking about Instagram and how amazing it was, then she asked,seriously “apa itu IG (read : ‘ie-ge’ not ‘ai-ji)?” What is IG?

She asked. Her husband and younger sister frantically laughed at her. She frowned and said in defense “how could I know? I’m busy with child-rearing and you never buy me a smart-phone” she pointed at her husband.

I stunned. I was exposed to instagram on 2012,the same year when she got married. Instagram has been being a familiar thing to me since then, all my friends, colleagues,even my parents have their own account. I thought everybody have it,but not her.

We live for the exact same years. The years I’ve spent with instagram are the years she got married, pregnant twice, giving birth twice,child rearing, cooking for her husband and kids, no hang out with friends /ladies day or night out thingy, facing peak and valleys on her marriage, facing the ups and downs of their financial condition, supporting her husband on their small scale business..

All the hardworks she’d done was never praised,yet she’s made fun of for being not know what “IG” is…I wanted to puke that time..

The days I spent lauging with friend,went to fancy place,hunting foods, snapped pictures,posted it on instagram are maybe the same days when she was in labour-pain, cleaning her children’s pup, making her house clean and a second later her kids make more mess than ever..

One day she said this to me while hugging her crying baby : “I feel like I already have too many children and yet you’re still not married”..oh yeah.

Interesting eh how we are the same age but living and experiencing things so differently??