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Those empty feeling

Before moving to wordpress, I’m using blogspot pretty frequently, to blogwalk of course, not to write,but maybe the latter is right too because  I was more productive than my current state.

I think I’ve stopped blogwalking since I started my thesis writing process,almost 2 years ago. I also stop opening my blogspot account because I want a fresh start with this wordpress.

Suddenly, today, I’m missing those good old days, reading all blogs I grew up with (well pretty much that way), because I started reading them when I was teenager..

Sad things, most of them are not updated or removed, or url-changed..I can’t explain those empty feelings that swallow my heart, when I miss things very much but it’s nowhere to be found..

All memories of me reading the writing that touch my heart are playing in my head, very vividly. Those times when I feel downed but their blogs cheer me up, even they’re not related to me at all…


oooh, pardon my babbling about this sentimental crap..

probably blogging and blogwalking is not a ‘thing’ anymore..

everybody is vlogging now….uh


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