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Salah satu nikmat Allah bulan ini adalah saya dikasih kesempatan untuk lulus kuliah tahun ini, Alhamdulillah 🙂

Puji Syukur atas segala langkah yang dimudahkan Allah, pembelajaran yang diperoleh selama proses pengerjaan tesis, ilmu-ilmu baru yang semakin membuat saya merasa sebagai fakir ilmu, serta dukungan keluarga dan sahabat yang tak henti-henti, masyaa Allah, Allahu Akbar. 🙂

Terimakasih buat sahabat-sahabat dan keluarga yang sudah menyempatkan datang. Meski wisudanya krik-krik karena ga ada temen, tp pas kelar rasanya bahagia tak terdera 🙂

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To be tidy

Assalamu’alaikum 🙂

Well,most of the close friends already know that I have a very messy nature. I was so and am untidy and unorganized, so naturally my room and house will be terribly messy,and the friends will react like they know so well that there is no way my room would be tidy,clean and smells good, while holding a disgusted look on their face,hahha. I’m sorry.

It’s already February,you know,this is so fast. So I think I need to set a resolution to be tidy,clean and organized. While I have the messy nature, I think I have to discipline my self to change to be a better person.

I did some research, oh not really, I’m reading articles about related topic, found a good one in getorganizedwizard, I decided to pasted here, to remind that these are my to do list:

10 Ways To Be Neat, Tidy, And Organized – Every Day

  1. Make the bed. It sends a powerful message of order and self-care to your subconscious.
  2. Put things away after using them. Yes everything. If there’s no place to put something, throw out something you haven’t used in a while to make room.
  3. If you notice something broken and know you won’t repair it (be honest – you probably won’t), then discard or donate it immediately.
  4. Be alert for anything not used or loved and discard or donate it immediately. Keeping it is costing you time, space, energy, and mental clutter.
  5. Wipe down the kitchen sink, counters, and dining table after dinner. You’ll feel organized as you head to bed and when you get up in the morning.
  6. Load and run the dishwasher or wash the dishes after dinner. Dirty dishes are demoralizing.
  7. Quickly run a cordless vac over the kitchen and living-area floor. It’ll take just a few minutes, but will make a big difference to the way your home looks and feels.
    (I dont have the money to buy a cordless vac yet :D)
  8. Check whether anything needs replacing in your kitchen, bathroom, or office, and add items to your diary, shopping app, or to-do list.
  9. Re-fill coffee beans and water in the espresso machine. Do anything tonight that will ease morning stress tomorrow.  (I don’t have espresso machine)
  10. Put clothes in the hamper or hang them up to air after wearing, and put laundered or aired clothes away. Be kind to your clothes and shoes.

source : getorganizedwizard

Thanks for the good tips. I rely on Allah on how things gonna happen from now on, I hope Allah ridha on this.

So that’s my new resolution on how to be a better muslimah, because cleanliness is half of faith. Shame on me who just doing this.


May Allah ease 🙂

Assalamu’alaikum and see you insyaa Allah 🙂