It’s me again, fufufu..

Just couple posts ago, I updated that I became a kindergarten teacher, and now I wan’t to say that I already quit the job?¬† It’s so fast, yeah? like a summer fling, short-lived and whirlwind romance. Reason? I want to focus on my thesis, ofc.

Not like 2 years ago, I didn’t post any picture of them, because I realize now, I should given a permission by their parents to post their kids’ pictures. All in all, the 3 and half months were really well-spent. I learned a lot from the student, they made me laugh, everything was fun. It’s hard to leave them, and sad, but what can I do? I should move on and let go, faster, sooner.

I seriously dunno what to do now, I have no motivation, nor desire. I need salvation~