The time answers…

It’s really been a while since my last posting.

Not sure what I’m gonna post tho…
but here what happened in my life in my absence.

My Dad got re-married, so I have a step-mother now, I don’t have step brother or sister (or probably not yet)

I’ve decided to extend my study period, because I couldn’t finish my thesis on time (the due date was last month), and most of my friends already earned their Master Degree, from my heart, I’m so happy for them 🙂

I moved to Depok!!! Who would have thought?. That’s because my brother is accepted in University of Indonesia, and I will no longer have class in Salemba, it’s better to live together in a house. It’s quite hard tho, to start from zero, so much money being spent, so much energy was taken, but I’m started to feel like home.

I’m working as a kindergartend teacher now, compared to the last one, it’s harder, and this is Depok, not Bukittinggi, so it’s kinda exhausting, to wake up so early in the morning,and go home with the fatigue. Because I’m now a homeroom teacher, the responsibility is getting bigger, nevertheless, I’m happy to see the kids.

See how Allah’s plan for me? No one will never know,but I know He’s never wrong.

Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.

see you in the next post, insya Allah 🙂