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Dear mommy..

Assalamu’alaikum ibu.
This is my first unsent letter to you.
You won’t read this, you’ll never do so,but my sentiment brought me here.
Happy belated birthday, I love you 🙂
Your birthday was 5 days ago,finally, I did it! I finally found pink carnations to buy. The flower that I’ve always thought I will give it for you someday, my bad, I only find them recently.
Soon, it will be two years after you left. There’s so many things that already changed, in a good way.
We’re getting closer to Allah, I’m now a changed woman, lil bro is getting mature. We’re much calmer than before, even though shown his helpless belligerent rage sometimes :p
but bu, I’m still a lazy ass as always, you might cry if you’re still alive, hehe.
I’m amazed that you don’t throw me away at early age, because everybody knows that I made no use to you. I’m lazy,never get anything right, yet you still loved me, and for that I’m more than grateful.
You know bu, there are many times I’m still hoping for you to be alive, seems like I and lil bro couldn’t get used to it yet. I miss you bu. I keep remembering when you tried to woke me up by tapping my nose, and when I opened my eyes,you said :
“you have no idea how much I love you, don’t you?”
 My eyes will got teary everytime I think or talk about you.
 However we’ve been trying our best to be ikhlas, because we really love you. May Allah bless us continuously and may us reunited in His jannah. Aamiin.
Being born as your daughter is one of the best blessing I received from Allah SWT. Alhamdulillahirabbil’alamin.
Thank you for patiently took care of me.
May Allah bless you and forgives your mistakes.
with so much love and prayers,
your only daughter 🙂


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New Header…oyoyo \(^^)/

Assalamu’alaikum everyone…
I hope you are in the best health and iman.

Do you notice? I changed my banner,cute eh? yes? yesss :D…aheehehehe
That was designed and created by Winda
such a smart,talented and lovely woman 🙂

There’s not much to tell about my life recently.
Still no progress with thesis (because I’m too lazy that make everyone cry), no job (because job-seeking is prohibited by Dad,I’m only allowed to do so if I already graduated), no traveling pictures (because I don’t like traveling xD ). Okay, that’s boring eh.

Btw,another cousin of mine get married yesterday, barakallah for the couple also btw, I have to re-think about my desire to get married soon.

Enough for now.
See you soon.

Assalamu’alaikum warhmatullahi  wabarakatuh 🙂