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my 2013 in nutshell

Assalamu’alaikum everyone,it’s 2014 now.
I have put down my wall calendar and change it with new table calendar.
2013 was a great year,indeed.
I leave my job and got my chance to do further study. I met  new people,having wonderful new friends,classmates.
Met the familiar faces on TV,in person quite often. Met 2 cousins of mine for the first time in my lifetime.
My cousins got married,my bestfriend got married.
I’m still in contact with friends I already know like since 15 years ago.
Still a good term with maung and other friends, and best of all, I have my family to support me.

This pic is actually is not enough to describe this year.

so to put it in review :

  • Best moment of the year : Mbapika’s wedding. 

  • Movie of the year           : Despicable me 2. It’s the first time I watched movie together with mbavina,kak indah,ci lily,listy and dessy. I think we got closer after watching this movie. I found it very funny,and still very funny. I’ve watched it like 3 times so far.

  • Best book of the year     : Al-Qur’an. Forever it will be.

  • Concert of the year        : One OK Rock. It’s the only concert I watched in 2013 and it will be my last. No more concert for me.

  • Destination of the year    : Jogjakarta. I’ve completely fallen. 😀

  • Toku babes of the year   : Koyomi. My love.

  • Thing I love the most      : My room. I love it very much and I love it when my friends come and stay for a night or so. Mostly,we’ll have girls talk and go “kyaaaa-kyaaaa”, then fall asleep. I love my room too much that it’s really hard to leave it.This is the reason why I came late to class :p

  • What come and gone     : Sony Xperia S and iPod. I bought my cellphone on may,because my blackberry was crashed, then on December, I lost my iPod,still pretty sad tho.

  • Most serious talk           : Considering my father to re-married. It was happened in august,my father and brother got sick very often,that’s why I think they need a woman figure to take care of them and love them. At first week, I couldn’t stop crying when the idea of my father loving another woman comes to my mind. Then, slowly, I think I will be fine with it. My father still have no interest on it tho. I’m still wishing for the best.

There are billion things to be thankful and be grateful for. InsyaAllah I’ve changed for the better and still will work harder to be better better better muslimah.
Sorry for my broken English. x)
Thank you for coming, wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.