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Their sweet condo,marriage life and other stories to tell :)

Assalamu’alaikum everyone..
I hope you’re in the best condition of health and iman. Happy holiday.

It’s semester break for me already. I have done my final exams, submitted my master thesis proposal, submitted all assignments, so the next task only to wait for my proposal screening schedule which somehow can be really unpredictable.
 Last week my brother was here,we got some quick escapades in Jakarta, then he left on Dec 25, and now I’m pretty much lonely and got nothing to do now.Ahem

Also last week, Bumen,Hanichu and I finally visited mbapika for the first time after she got married. Her condo is wayyyyy too far from my place,which means the distance is in our way to meet more often.
After being misguided by google maps, crossing the way which shouldn’t be crossed,we’re finally there. *feeling accomplished*

The condo is small yet very neat,clean and so mbapika. It reminds me a lot of our roommate era and when she stayed with Hanichu.
At glance,nothing really change. She’s still mbapika we know, her laugh,her pouting face,her gestures,her habits,except for the baby bump in her belly,masyaAllah. Yes, insyaAllah we’ll be aunties next year,alhamdulillah 🙂

What actually changed is that she’s now having completely different life which is too complicated for my league. Ahheeee. I can’t believe the roommate I once lived with,now talk and think about complicated things like their relationship as husband and wife, planning for future house,buying lands, her family financial planning, and how to raise baby of course,not to mention how she deals with her pregnancy. Which is really hard to catch,considering I’m still behaving like a kid,while my bestfriend literally will have a kid. OTL

Unfortunately, I forget to take a picture of her condo. I took a picture of Hani and Bumen instead.

They were imitating the bride and groom pose in their wedding photosoot,much to mbapika’s chagrin x))))
also unfortunately,I don’t have the original version and I couldn’t take good picture because I was terribly shaking and awed seeing their pose,and it’s turn out to be not that good, but they are cute,yes? 😀

Alsooooooooo….talking about thesis now. I choose a topic based on my passion now. What’s my passion? of course it’s “early childhood education”, then in what way it’s related to financial management? well well, it’s best to not reveal it until got the approval, I think.
And it’s part of Bumen,Mbapika,Hanichu and my dream,actually. Hopefully the thesis will be useful for us in the future. aamiin…
Sooner,there’ll be ‘master thesis journal’ tag in this blog, I suppose.

To end this post, let me be thankful about how Allah put me in Presuniv back then, to meet these wonderful people. I was really lucky. They are friends,partners, and older sisters to me at the same time. I miss them so much because we can’t meet frequently unless we make serious planning like weeks before. Looking forward to meet them again.

For now,wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 🙂

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Syafakallah for us

Assalamu’alaikum silent readers,hehe

how are you? I hope you’re in the best condition of health and iman 🙂
Actually I’m not in a good shape now. I caught a cold,so I snot and cough for every 10 seconds or so,right now. A professor of mine said that,getting sick for so many times while pursuing your master degree,having 1000 hair-falls a day,can’t sleep peacefully every night are considered normal and tolerable. She sounded exaggerating at first,but it makes sense now.

Taken from benefiko’s instagram

Unbeknownst to me,my little brother is actually get sick too. He fainted in school yesterday,caused by his gastritis,then his condition got worse at night and he’s hospitalized. I feel bad because I am not there and my Dad is so busy alone taking care of brother,and he’s just recovered from flu couple days ago. May الله bless him continuously, aamiin.

Health is really a blessing. People often said that we don’t know how precious it was until we get sick. Sickness is a blessing too,it’s like a reminder for us that we’re just nothing without our God,despite all the greatness we have,we can be really powerless when we get sick. Rasulullah SAW said that sickness is the expiation of sins,subhanallah. This is explained in some Hadith,like this one :

For every misfortune, illness, anxiety, grief, or hurt that afflicts a Muslim -even the hurt caused by the pricking of a thorn – Allah removes some of his sins. (
HR. Bukhari no. 5641)

there is more you can learn in here, here and here 
So,don’t forget to be thankful for every situation,be thankful if you’re healthy, be thankful and be patient if you’re sick. I’ll try it 🙂 
Anyway,please wish me and my brother a speedy recovery.
wish to meet you in the next post.
Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 🙂