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Semester Break Story – Part 2 [Burn]

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Finally got to continue the series of post I’ve written in the past post
After watching Shin Domoto Kyoudai whose guest stars is Omi and Ryuji,I’m obsessed to Che’nelle song,titled burning love. Well,she’s not even in the show tho, in the commercial of Burn instead, the song is very catchy that I kept playing and playing in my head. That’s how the song become my everyday single playlist in whole holiday 😀
Little did I know that Burn is actually is sold in Indonesia too,and I was super surprised when I did grocery shopping with lil bro and find the burn.


 I was so excited that I feel like meeting Che’nelle herself,lol, too much am I? I know I know,I’m exaggerating 😛
and after being back to Jakarta,I’ve never played that song anymore..
feel like listening it now..
till then,Assalamu’alaykum 🙂