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عيد ميلاد سعيد يا أبي

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wa barakatuh..

Today is my dad’s 53th birthday and alhamdulillah I still have the chance to congratulate him today.
Dad is actually is in Surabaya now,so I called him and recited my du’a for him,may الله grant it all 🙂
and this is the second post about his birthday in this blog.

the funny thing is I actually wanted to give him surprise,so I prepared a birthday gift and send it via jne.

It was scheduled to arrive today at his office in Bukittinggi,little did I know that he had to depart to Surabaya for his work yesterday.. and that means…

anyway,have a blissful week,everybody,
till then, wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabaraktuh 🙂
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..and her deen is complete :)

 Assalamu’alaikum 🙂

This is a happy post,I mean,I’m really happy everytime I think about this..
Yes,my bestfriend,former roommate,self-proclaimed sister,Mbapika is married! Alhamdulillah,subhanallah :”)

 Actually,this was happened last week…
The process was started with her khitbah on June,in Jogja,which I,hanichu and bumen didn’t attend.

Then, the September 7 comes so fast. I remember when I was really excited back then,saying I can’t hardly wait for the date to come…and,wooosh, it comes faster than expectation~

The walimatul ursy is held in Jogjakarta, Bumen,hanichu,and me bought the train’s ticket on July..
We departed from Stasiun Senen at September 5,it was 10pm and I skipped the Friday’s class x)
We arrived in Jogja at 6.30am the next day, and sadly after that,I fell sp hard down the road,and get wounded,black and blue on face. It’s hurt tho,but I’m really thankful it’s no more than that. Alhamdulillah.

We spent the Friday walking in Malioboro and Beringharjo (of course with my wounded face!), back to hotel and visited the bride-to-be at the night.

How could I see, I was really happy yet nervous seeing her and waiting for tomorrow. I thought that my friend will getting married and will be taken away from me, I fell kinda lonely,but that only lasted for few hours,and anyway,this bride-to-be making the souvenir by herself,that’s really mbapika 😀

the creative bride

Here come the morning, the day! finally!

Before akad
I think she’s kinda nervous

Her husband done the ijab qabul very smoothly and clearly! Subhanallah..Mbapika couldn’t stop shedding tears at that time, I was crying too, the happy tears of course :”)

‘after-crying’ face 😀

The bride and groom really look good together,match in heaven. I always respect mbapika, she is really generous,mature,and very good muslimah..she was ideal woman in my eyes,and of course,her husband is good also. They met through ta’aruf process and everything goes smooth since then~

I’m really happy that she already found someone to complete her deen,lead her in the way to jannah, all praises to Allah :”)

The day after,we go to Muntilan, to bumen’s grandparent house. Sad thing is, it was her and my last time to meet her grandmother,because she passed away yesterday,innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un 😦

We visit Borobudur,taking so many pictures.

This is embarassing but,we missed the train to back to Jakarta,we’re trapped in Jogja because there’s long march for festival something and late to arrive at station,lol. So,bus the only alternative left.We arrived at Jakarta on Monday morning,and I directly went to class without taking bath first x))))

It was a fun trip,seriously..
Last words, may Allah keeps the love of Mbapika and her husband forever. May Allah lead bumen’s grandmother soul to jannah. May Allah bless us all.

till then..
Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh 🙂

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I’m a sinner :(

Assalamu’alaikum everyone..
My mood is actually go up and down uncontrollably now.
I keep making sins eventhough I already promise in every shalah that I wont do the same mistakes again,still I failed :(((
..and to think that Allah is really really good to me yet I still being half-assed in loving Him makes me look like I’m the dumbest human being on Earth….

And remember Zun-nun,when he departed in wrath: He imagined that We had no power over him! But he cried through the depths of darkness,“There is no God but thou: glory to thee: I was indeed wrong!”    [QS Al-Anbiya :87]

I pray so hard that there’s forgiveness for me this time…
I”m sorry for those who read this, this so emo,but I need to write this down
May Allah bless us all…
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Semester Break Story – Part 1 [Panorama]

Assalamu’alaikum everyone 🙂
Holiday is over and I’m back on track, still in the holiday mood tho :p

Well,I’m planning to do series of post about my last semester break (which is not much),in random order 🙂

Let’s get started 😉

It was almost the third week of my holiday when I got to meet Chaky and Widia after a year, wowww,that long. Somehow they feel really close because we communicate practically everyday through whatsapp, thx technology!

We did some common hang-out activity, walking, sight-seeing,eating,catching up all the stories, plus for the first time we visit panorama lobang jepang together, and first time Chaky visited it in her lifetime xD

random shoot

BFF for life

We met monkeys,snakes,monkeys,monkeys,baby monkeys,monkey king,wild monkey and monkeys. Nothing special,but somehow it’s fun 🙂

Feeding monkey
cool man

Looking forward to meet my besties again sooner 🙂