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Moving On..

Assalamu’ailaikum everybody..
This is probably too late,but I want to say this no matter what

                                EID MUBARAK,EVERYONE 🙂

Sad thing is, I think I really didn’t do much on Ramadhan, that’s why I feel like don’t deserve to celebrate eid al-fitr, coz I didn’t win anything 😦
Then,talking about holiday. Luckily, we got 1 month-holiday after short semester,yaiyyyy!!!
Alhamdulillah, I can come back home and celebrate eid with family for this year too 🙂
Me,lil bro,aunty,grandpa,and cousins

Lil Bro with baby niece

Let’s move to another thing. It was always my dream job to be a pre-school teacher,and for these past 7 months I keep lamenting and blabbering about how I miss my old job,how fun it was,how nice the environment was,I hate studying and doing assignments,I wanna go back and quit,so on and so forth. 
So,I visit my former workplace the other day. I didn’t meet any students,because the school time was finished that time. Everything has changed, the teachers already being replaced twice, the day-care babies already grown up,there are new babies also. My former students were pursuing their different ways. Some were made it to prestigious public elementary school, the other,who is not 6 years old yet,moved to private kindergarten which will help them to enter that said private elementary school without test. Some were moving to another town,or taken care of under their grandparents custody. The rest is continuing their education in my former school. 
Then, I feel like I should stop wanting to come back and focusing on my study instead..
Let all the moments of me being a pre-school teacher be a very good memories I want to keep remember. Eventhough I’m not sure the kids will still remember me now,but I’m happy enough 🙂