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Ramadhan mubarak…

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh
Alhamdulillah we meet Ramadhan again this year. It is my second ramadhan since mom’s gone, how time flies.
This year is a bit harder than previous one, because I live alone now, plus I take the short semester for whole month,and everyday always be full of assignments,quiz,presentations,readings,readings,articles,cases,journals blablabla,masyaAllah. I miss my home already
However, I don’t face any difficulty to do my usual activities while fasting,alhamdulillah.
I hope I can improve myself with every good deeds this month,but I can’t stop making sins both un and intentionally 😦 Astaghfirullah.
Anyway,have a pleasant and wonderful Ramadhan,All 🙂