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Play play and play~

Assalamu’alaikum 🙂
My final term exam is next week,yet the desire to play suddenly arise so significantly, haha..
I think I got wasted in this weekend.
I was watching Fast and Furious 6 on  Friday,accompanied the two barbarian friends,lol.
I was crying when watching Gisele and Han’s progress of their relationship, the friends laughing at me so hard,told me many times “Ridh,it’s not a romance movie,you know?”
I know it perfectly, oh,am I the only one who feel that their story is sad? ah maaaa (>w<)
Then taking some pictures on United Nations Peacekeeper Day at Epicentrum Walk.. (actually we forced asking the help of security for taking our picture 😀 )
 Aaaand,the day after,I finaly got to visit the event of Ennichisai- Little Tokyo at Blok M with Hanichu and Mbapika who were really kind to be my companies that day, thank you very much Al-Maung 🙂
Only found 2 tokusatsu Cosplayers,the Akiba Red whom I was taking picture with and Kuuga.
Little did I know that the SAT KOMUTAKU have their own show today,which means there are Fourze,Wizard,Kuuga,KR Girls and many more toku cosplayers showed up. waaaaaa,won’t gonna miss it the next time.
That’s for today, I’ve gotta study for sure!! (>w<)
See you next time,Insya Allah 🙂
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A year after graduation (late post)


It was April 25th,2012, I was sitting in the hall next to maung,surrounded by Class of 2008’s members,all with graduation attributes.
Everyone seemed so happy,excited yet nervous. I was kinda sad.
That day,I was wondering what will I be in next year? working? getting married? or continuing school? will I still be in Jakarta? or back to Bukittinggi? or in a foreign country? What will maung be in next year? what will all these people in the hall be in next year?

One year comes so fast. I’ve been through many things,I’ve changed,my friends changed, I’m still here in Jakarta, maung too,some friends go to different cities,some stay in Cikarang,to pursue different dreams,different objectives.

I might be graduated from PresUniv, but I will never be graduated for all 3,5 years moments we have in that deserted area called Cikarang baru x)))