RIP Neighbor..

How’s everyone doing? I hope everything is well 🙂

I feel sorry for ignoring this blog, the fact is I barely have time to blog,or when the time is right,I was too lazy to type :/

Last night,my brother called me to tell that my neighbor (whose house is next to mine/my father’s in Bukittinggi) has passed away, the neighbor who I don’t even know the name,and that’s my bad for being so ignorant or probably I was just embracing my hikkikomori tendency.
I used to called hime ‘pak’, just like other neighbors whose names I don’t know. He was in his late 60,he was blind (literally),but he was amazing,I mean,really amazing.
Right after our family moved to the current house,6 years ago, their family came and build the wooden house next to ours. It’s a nice house,have 2 floors,many rooms (for his family and rent),good sanitation and everything else. Who design it? him! who build it? it’s him! and his sons!, he even knew whenever his sons made mistakes just by hearing and touching,oh,praise Allah for His creation! Subhanallah..
He was also the chairman and founder of disable association in our town. Ain’t you wow-ed? 🙂

Then,their family moved,they were not nice neighbors to be frank, because his family’s so big plus the family who rent his rooms,it’s always crowded and noisy everyday. His grandchildren often sneaks out to my mom’s garden and step on the flowers,I just didn’t like them, and I told my (late) mom so many time about it.

One day,in my senior year, I was hanging out with friends when I suddenly met him and his wife,they greeted me, and I felt embarrassed (because of his job,I can’t tell what is it) and later on my mom only laughed when I nagged about how they should just pretend as if they didn’t know me,so I won’t feel ashamed when my friend were around.  After that,everything’s cool bectause I moved to pursue my bachelor degree and barely see them.

Fast forward to last night, my brother told me that he suddenly collapsed,and his family freaked out and screamed,and cried asking my dad for help. My dad took him to hospital,he was lost on the way.
I don’t have many memories about him, as long as I can remember,I was just an ignorant girl who complained a lot behind his back and their family,which I really regret and I feel sorry for. Astaghfirullah.

I hope Allah forgive his sins,mine and my family.
I wish he rest in peace, coz he worked so hard in his life for his sons,daughters,in-laws,grandchildren and other relatives,he done well.


I hope I’ll be ready when my turn comes….

and that’s for today, jumu’ah mubarakah 🙂