Now and then..

Assalamu’alaikum…jumu’ah mubarakah people 🙂

I feel ashamed everytime I see my about page..some informations weren’t true anymore -_-

I wanna explain what happened when I was away from this blog..

I was busy packing,moving,registering,and following some pre-university activities.
Yap…I decided to go on further study in Economics.

back in december, I was a happy pre-school teacher in the morning,daycare staff at day and english teacher at noon..I enjoy it and I tot it will last forever..

But no,no one wants it…
So I studied in spare time during the work, went to Jakarta and took the tests.

I applied to 2 unis MBA program,luckily (and miraculously),I was accepted by both universities.

Long story short,I am a student of University of Indonesia now.

I know it won’t be easy from now on,I will be away from my comfort zone,will through so much hardship…

However,this is the chance that Allah has given me…I will work hard for it,insyaAllah 🙂

birthday · family

The Big Birthday Boy

 Assalamu’alaikum 🙂

Finally,this day come..
my baby brother is turning 17,he’s legally adult now 🙂

Can’t believe he’s this big already (and yes,literally big xD )

I hope he’s doing fine this year…and I always pray for him..

I wish him happiness in what he’s doing now..
be an awesome a classical singer and cellist,you kid! 🙂

and I always be a proud big sister 🙂


Masril Koto…a change agent..

it’s really been a while since my last post,lotsa things happened to me already…
I owe this blog the explanation,but I’ll do it later… 😀

So,why I bother I write this post? and who’s Masril Koto? What does he mean to me?

so first,I suggest you to google his name…
then you’ll find the wiki page of him and some reliable news that probably will make you go “woah”..
yop,he’s the founder of “Bank Petani”,a bank that give credit to the farmers and practically run by the farmers..though he didn’t even finish the grade school!

then,why do I write this? because I met him last weekend!
listen to his story…and I was like..”woah”..

He might be a bubbly person,he wears merely plain t-shirt,jeans and slipper everytime,he talks with high pitch voice,somewhat intimidating tone,strong minang-accent and somewhat witty…

he was talking so passionately about helping people,about making a better neighborhood,better quality of lifee,even better Indonesia..
he understands the capitalist economic system ,he knows politic,and other wide range of knowledge including Rendra’s poems…what a man!
he even pronounced English words correctly.. :O

my mind is totally BLOWN AWAY!
eventhough I live in Baso till my high school time,I didn’t know that such a man existed there!
I feel so wasted :/

 and thanks to him, I believe that even a single man can change the world,now…
and perhaps,I found my dream too after longing for so long *what a waste eh* (//w//)

so,that’s it….InsyaAllah we meet in another post 🙂