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School Holiday

Assalamu’alaikum.. ūüôā

I think it’s really fun to be a school teacher, because whenever the students get holiday (end of term,national holiday,etc.),teacher get holiday too..hehe

So, the first term of this school year ended at 21st December. I feel bad,coz this month I absent a lot,because I was in Jakarta from Nov 30 till Dec 16 doing something, that’s why I was away from this blog for long time.

Then,when I got back to school,it’s already exam period. Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday was the days for scoring their verbal,writing,reading (Iqra’ and book) ability, Thursday for compiling the scores,and Friday for giving the report book,and we got 2 weeks holiday /

everyone’s so excited,and told me their holiday plan already. Some will go to Spore and Hongkong, some will go out of town,while the rest stay at home.

and this thing happened…
some students asked me like “holiday means that we¬† won’t go to school,right?” and I said yes..
the next is,with their sad faces they said :

“if we don’t come to school,then we won’t see teacher,right? what if I miss you?”

¬†I swear I really happy that time,and I shed tears (secretly) ,then hugged them really tight….oh Allah,I really thank You for this,for the job,for those kids,I really love them,so much I couldn’t even find other words to express my feeling :’)

 Well,I stay at home too,what are you doing for your holiday?
¬†whatever it is,happy holiday :’)