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Eid Adha Mubarak…

Heiho, ga kerasa udah nyampe idul adha tahun ini lagi,alhamdulillah…
Alhamdulillah saya masih bernapas,masih muslim dan masih sehat..dan tahun ini masih sempat melewati idul adha bersama keluarga besar 🙂

Jadi tadi malam saya udah rencanain mau shalat di mesjid tempat bapak kecil dulu,pakai mukena almarhumah ibu. Saya udah seneng banget,soalnya karena shalat idul fitri kemaren ga bisa ikutan,pengennya idul adha ini bisa ikutan.
Tapi sayangnya,saya kedatangan ‘tamu’ pas banget isya,eh mau nangis rasanya,dan seperti biasa,hari pertama,kedua itu pasti sakiiit banget,sampe tadi pagi aja saya ga bisa gerak dr tempat tidur. BBM-an sambil sedih2an ngadu ke mbapika dan dibalas

“Ga usah sedih Unii sayaang..”

Ehehehe..trus biasalah kalau ngobrol sama mbapika,yg dibahas masalah jodoh juga kebanyakan x)))
Ngomongin tentang memperbaiki diri,tentang Muhammad Al-Fatih,ngomongin hadits juga. Percakapan kita hari ini ditutup dengan

“Silaturrahim yg dijalin karena Allah itu Subhanallah indah dan menenangkan Uns 🙂 “

Subhanallah,saya jadi makin yakin tentang siapapun pria yang berhasil menjadi suami mbapika nanti,pastilah sangat beruntung sekali :).

Dengdong,kemudian daging kurbannya datang,Mama (adeknya ibu) langsung masak sup daging,hehe :))
Daging kurban itu empuknya gampang banget ya,lebih enak dari daging yg dijual di pasar di hari-hari biasa juga.
Mama pun nanya “kenapa hayo bisa begitu?”..terus malah jawab sendiri (lol)

“Karena daging kurban itu dinikmati oleh semua,yang ikutan kurban,yang ga mampu,semuanya ngerasain”…

wiih :))

Selamat idul adha semuanya,have a nice weekend yaaaa :3


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Vania’s birthday party

So I try fulfill my promise to post about Vania’s birthday party. I said it’s tiring because it’s not easy to take these kids to walk to Texas Chicken (+/- 500 meters away from school,beuh,I’m bad at assuming) ,it’s even harder to take them back to school,because they suddenly turning into crybaby,sighing and crying,even asking me to carry them and their whatnot,lol, your teacher is not that strong,kids 🙂

I said it was fun because yeah it’s FUN! every birthday party should be fun,yes?. The kids were so excited and happy which make me happy too. 🙂
and last,I’m wishing my cute student a very wonderful year ahead,a year full of love from everybody.

so here some of the photos (which poorly taken by me :p ). Enjoy

p.s : please expect more birthday post to come 🙂

antri kids,antriii~
The excited friends
look at the boy,he sure is popular x)
Birthday game while the birthday judging.
Me with Ratu.
My passionate boss lead everyone to sing 😀
a song from Feni for Vania

Vania and her proud parents

Happy birthday,sweetheart 🙂
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Go-Buster papercraft and other toku ramblings

Hei there, finally I got to touch my blog,not just half-assesly doing post from ipod.
Planning some changes on the label/categories,but apparently the internet connection hates me, guess I will do it later *sigh*

In the meantime….I did GoBusters papercraft,jajajang /
it’s actually one of many bonuses from Terebi-Kun magazine may edition.
I’m not good at papercrafting,yeah that’s sad 😦
But it turns really fun to get this done,it’s easy and interesting (of course Ridhah,it was designed for kids and your level) x)))

Thus, I really recommend Terebi-Kun to parents who have boys,coz that magazine is really fun,full of bonuses and articles that will burst your kids’ creativity..the bad part is:  it’s in Japanese,but it’s full of pictures,I guess it’s understandable 🙂

Then I watched Garo,Kamen Rider Shin,The Next and and other adult tokusatsu shows.
My first comment is I DON’T really like it. I’m really a nice kid at the heart,you know.
I almost couldn’t breath when I watched them. The blood,violence,and nudity make me trembling and suffer for stomachache, haha. I’m not kidding anyone here,because I’m really afraid of seeing blood,while blood spilled everywhere in the shows,mooooo 😥

However,I need to say that GARO is AWESOME! I can’t stop watching it eventhough it’s really scary and made me shivering and crying,wth..still it’s superb! the fighting scenes are very kakkoi that I enjoyed so much!.

What I hate about this show (and other tokusatsu) is the slow and painful-teasing romance, duh,kouga,why are you so tsundere hah? tell,please tell Kaoru how much you love her,tell her,clearly! marry her! arrrrrr *gilak*

The last, the most anticipated Kamen Rider Fourze x Wizard Movie War Ultimatum is revealed! aww,my muses,I miss them so much. :3
I really hope they continue things between Ryusei and Tomoko,oh please,they must do it! right babes?

and I wish there will be scene Tomoko will meet Koyomi, that must be really interesting to see what are the girls will talk about 🙂

yeah that’s all, just for now,my rambles are over, see you on the next post 🙂

pics :mine,random sources,pixiv,zarahjoyce and murokomu@tumblr

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The taste of soda..

On monday,our school had a birthday party for Vania,my student,who turned 5 that day.
It was tiring but fun. Maybe I will post about it later on 🙂

After party,all kids got free softdrink, rice,and fried chicken.

So here we go,all students drank the softdrink,my youngest student,Uqi (3years old) did so.
After he took a sip, he happily jumping and screaming “pedas…pedas..hahaha”
I laughed really hard,how can softdrink taste spicy? And why he’s so happy if it’s spicy? x)))

So I told him “Uqi,itu bukan pedas,tapi….” it’s left unsaid,because that moment the stupid me being so clueless about what the taste of soda is.. Because I hate soda and softdrink,and they always associate with PAINFUL taste on my mind, I can’t say it to kids right? *kicking self*

then I asked my senior,she only shook her head and give me “I dunno,don’t ask me” look (; ̄ェ ̄)

After that,Uqi’s grandpa picked him up,and I say bye, then suddenly I remember the taste of soda probably is ‘biting’ or ‘menggigit’,am I right? Baka me *whacks* ( T_T)\(^-^ )

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A happy job :)

Finally I can write this. Somehow I manage to get a job as a pre-school teacher. Thanks to my daddy’s connection. :)))
You know,under normal circumstance,no pre-school will hire an Economic graduate as a teacher,right?

This job,is the most fun job I could ever ask for. You know,because I love kids very much,very very much,and I am sure that teaching these adorable kids is my passion.  Furthermore,It’s so easy for me to get close with them and caught their attention.

I always want to be a pre-school teacher,I told Widia so…..and yeah,my dream does come true 😀

So before I started teaching, I work really hard to read early childhood education literature as much as I could, and thanks to my habit of stalking  parenting blogs,it is proven really helping,I’m really glad. :)))

My heart soars whenever these kids call me “teacher”…yes,literally “teacher” not “bu guru”. x))

So yeah,it’s only temporary tho,but I’m just started, I will work hard to be a better and better teacher everyday.

p.s. dear E, thank you for believing me that time when no one did. I miss you.