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Their wedding anniversary

I found my mom’s old diary months ago. On the second page of it, there’s an oath she made with Allah SWT written. 
So I decide to write them down here, coz it’s gonna be my oath too.
Demi Allah,saya hanya rela dijamah lelaki,Setelah Ijab dan Qabul.
Ya Rabby
Semoga Engkau senantiasa melindungiku,jauhkanlah aku dari segala godaan syaithan
jadikanlah aku,hamba Mu yang tetap berjalan menurut normaMu
Amin!!! Ya Rabby
and there’s prayer following after.
Ya ‘azza wajalla
*Berilah aku jodoh yang Engkau redhai,yang dapat mendampingiku dengan penuh kesetiaan dan dapat menuntun untuk kebahagiaan dunia wal akhirah.
*Temukanlah untukku lelaki yang agamawan dan idealist.
*Jadikanlah aku kelak jadi istri/wanita yang tunduk dan patuh kepada suami sesuai dengan tuntutan firmanMu ya Rahim.
Amiin ya Rabbal alamin.
and Allah granted her du’a,answer her with my Dad’s proposal few years later.
What impressed me here, they were not in a relationship before,even no romantic hints happened between them.
My Dad, who grew up in Jakarta moved to the same neighborhood with Mom.
In one random day,he proposed my Mom to be his wife, then he brought my Grandma (his mom) to Mom’s family, to officially propose her. How cool =))))
My mom said, she was crying that day,because something told her my dad is the one, and it turned like he is the one for the rest of her life . 🙂
This day, 22 years ago,they’re officially married,and Mom was Daddy’s greatest supporter for 21 years and 9 months before she passed away.
Happy wedding anniversary parents.
Semoga Allah mempertemukan dan menjodohkan lagi Ibu dan Bapak di Surga.
Semoga Ibu benar-benar menjadi Bidadari Surga-nya Bapak. Aamiin…
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[Random Meme] Kamen Rider 30 Days Challenge (Day 28)

*I think I can write all of them at the moment. Guess I just have to wait patiently*

Day 1- Favourite Rider-
>> W (double) for many reasons. The concept of two souls become one gets me all the time.

Day 2- Least Favourite Rider-
>> Can’t decide yet,all riders I’ve watched are stand out on their own way. I probably will update it later,not sure tho 😀

Day 3- Favourite Series –
>> W,absolutely W,it was brilliant series,so adorable yet deep and touching. The portion of action and drama are perfect.and probably teriyaki was the sweetest ship that turns into official couple I’ve ever had.Thank you W 🙂

Day 4- Least Favourite Series
>> Decade. No offense,I just haven’t feel the emotional connection towards the series yet.

Day 5- Series You’re Currently Watching-
>> Wizard. It’s only 3 episodes so far, but I ship Haruto-Koyomi already ♪(´ε` )

Day 6- Series you recently finished-
>> Fourze. I’m having a hard time to move on from the adorable KRC members. Thx to ryutomo shippers who keep holding grip and give me weekly dose of what probably called ‘fourze after story’. I love you guys o(^▽^)o

Day 7- Series You Haven’t Seen-
>> there are many of them. I haven’t seen all showa kamen rider,except black and black RX. Agito and Hibiki also are on my to watch list.

Day 8- Favourite Side Character-
>> definitely,only NARUMI AKIKO ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

Day 9- Least Favourite Side Character-
>> Onodera Yuusuke.

Day 10- Favourite Main Villain-
>> Mitsuaki Gamou and his cliques. they are very unique,and everyone has their own background story that make them different from any other villain so far.

Day 11- Least Favourite Main Villain-
>> All villains on Decade.

Day 12- Favourite Monsters-
>> Zodiart! Awesome!

Day 13- Least Favourite Monsters-
>> Shocker.

Day 14- Favourite Secondary Rider-
>> for me,it has to be Sasword,coz he’s strong,talented,serious,yet really funny. The fact that he’s actually a worm really saddened,he died in kabuto’s hands,but that was an ending he wish for. 😦

Day 15- Least Favourite Secondary Rider-
>> I dunno yet 😀

Day 16- Favourite Rider Form-
>> Decade default form…it’s just beautiful and awesome!

Day 17- Favourite Rider Design-
>> Fourze,it’s just hilariously standing out 🙂

Day 18- Favourite Theme Song-
>> Kuuga,a good reminiscence of mu childhood o(^▽^)o

Day 19- Most Epic Moment-
>> — tbc

Day 20- Saddest Moment-
>> when Yuji Kiba (horse orphnoch of kamen rider faiz) run to catch his past and he’s crying ( T_T)\(^-^ )

Day 21- Funniest Moment-
>> Everytime tsurugi-kun enter the scene x)))))

Day 22- Something You Would Want To Change In Any Series-
>> the sad love story hinted,or painful ship tease,ship sinking,I just CAN’Twith these!

Day 23- Favourite Insert Song
>> Cyclone effect accoustic version.

Day 24- Something You Wished Happened In Any Series-
>> Happy ending love story for lead rider and the sidekicks, I hate teaser,really Σ(゚д゚lll)

Day 25- Favourite Finisher –
>>I dunno,I think I’ll go for Faiz’s finisher…

Day 26- Least Favourite Finisher-
>> Duh,I dunno X_x

Day 27- Favourite Final Battle-
>> OOO of course. Epic.

Day 28- Least Favourite Final Battle-
>> Kiva.

Day 29 – Favourite Henshin-
>> Black RX

Day 30- Your Dream Team of 3 Riders-
>> kuuga,kabuto,W

Ah,finish,finally o(^▽^)o


At least you can help..

It was a rainy day when my bestfriends jokingly suggested why wouldn’t I be a socialite from now on,since I got nothing to do in daily basis. I laughed, ironic eh? how can a ‘nearly anti-social’ girl like me be a socialite? I don’t like party, I got headache in the crowd, I don’t really like being sociable…etc,etc…
in other words,it’s far from possible that I’ll be a socialite.. 😀

I want to be a charitable person instead…
Later,if I have a full-time job or well-established business, I want to devote my self to charity,to share my happiness all this time….

anyway,I have paid more attention to Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia for months now.
Cancer is always being a ‘ghost’ to my family,considering how many family members were taken by cancer.
It might be really painful, moreover to kids. When I watched about this foundations on tv,I was crying ,seeing those skinny and baldy kids smiling and very happy seeing tv crews. That was really precious..

In fact,I can’t donate much,nor I can directly volunteering like a bestfriend did (sure,she’s amazing,and she keeps it secret for 2 years).

However,I hope to those who read my blog (ok,I’m not sure there are many readers tho),can pay attention to YKAKI too. Click here to get more information about donation.

Thank you for reading this, see you and have a nice day 🙂

credit pics :YKAKI