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Not Children 21..

The day I became 21 years old brat has passed,and it made me celebrating birthday with this blog for 5 years…waaa,it’s been a long time..

Nothing special,no surprise,but it’s as pleasant as always..
and I just wanna write this..

Dear God,
Thank You for letting my heart keeps beating, thank You for giving me health,rizq, love from family and friends and other billion blessings I couldn’t write it down here…I’m forever grateful,and I’m always afraid if someday I may forget to be thankful..
I’m sorry for being ignorant so many times…astaghfirullah..

and thank You for the little birthday present. There was ibu in my 26th july night’s dream, I hug her,she hugs me back,her touch,her warm feel so real and I’m tremendously happy, so I have nothing to be saddened about πŸ™‚

Dear Bapak and Aik,
Thank you for taking care of me, I could find any words to express how much I’m grateful for having you…. πŸ™‚

Dear Maung,
Thank you for your care and presence…it’s kinda lonely without bumen,hanichu and mbapika by my side,but they feel so close…oh please tell me I’m not delusional, LOL XD

and the best thing is the special picture for my birthday, it’s bumen’s creation after all. So,no matter how shameful to see my face like that, I will never complain about it..x)))))
Β *in fact, I’m kinda proud of my self to be able to make strange poses like these *ditoyor*

THANK YOUUUU *lope2 di udara*

Dear, Bunda,Ete,Kak Sa….
Thank you for everything,I miss you so :*

Dear all, thank you for all wonderful wishes,it means a lot to me πŸ™‚

and now that I’m 21,I’m just gonna enjoy my life to the fullest…in my own quirky way,of course πŸ™‚

So, thank you for reading this..
Sekian dan terima hadiah apapun yang berhubungan dengan Power Ranger dan Kamen Rider *ngarep* πŸ˜€

Toku Rambles

Oh Fourze~

I always thought that Fourze is not a ‘serious’ Kamen Rider Series
It’s light,fun and tell the story about high school heroes life..

I dunno why it is getting so much better recently..
Serious,dark and twisted…..after all this time,why only now?
Oh Fourze,please don’t end so fast :(…….

*just an unimportant desperate fangirl’s ramble*

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For mother I love the most…

it’s been a while since I last updated this blog. My mom just passed away on June 21,2012 and no doubt it was the most painful memory I’ve ever had in my entire life. However,what I can do for her is sending my du’a and good amal, so that I still can make her smile,even when she’s not physically exist beside me anymore,just like mbapika said. I am thankful for being born as her daughter,and I am always proud of her. She was,is,and will still be my everything.

I’m so grateful for every moment I spent with you,’Cause I know life wont last forever. You went so soon,so soon” – So soon (Maher Zain)

If you know my mom in real life,recognize her, please forgive the mistakes she had done,may Allah bless you.Β 
anyway,if you have lost your parent(s) too, you can also read good articles about what you can do to your late parents here and here