Last sunday, my fellow hyphen shared this on her twitter.

This is a Quincy Jones’s charity song  project by involving 24 singers from 16 arabic nations to sing his re-adapted arabic version of ‘Tomorrow (A Better You, A Better Me)’.

The description of the video said that

” All funds raised as part of the single’s global distribution will be collected by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture in support of the United Nations World Food Program, Dubai Culture & Arts Authority and the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation among others, to finance educational programs in music, arts and culture for children from across the Arab world.”

 After listened to the song and read the english translation, I’m so touched. The song is so heart-calming, the voices are very soothing. More importantly, the video made me being very very fond of Arabic languange. The accent, intonation and everything is just beautiful, no wonder it’s the language of Holy Qur’an.
Thus, I know what will be one of  my new year resulotion insyaAllah, yop, it’s being able to speak Arabic,so I won’t show my confuse,sulky and clueless face whenever my mother and lil bro start to show off speak the language. 😀

Then, Ciao, keep praying for better tomorrow, where there is only peace and harmony 🙂

“Tomorrow, the wings of love await us.
Tomorrow will be better with us together.
Open the doors for light, the night of sorrow will fade.”


Start living green,now!

Well,I’m not expert green living person ,but I love the environment,harmlessly. Since I moved to Jakarta (literally), I really really hate the environment (sampah dimana-mana,asap dimana2,ludah dimana2), it’s really hard to breath. The Jakartans also complained about how dirty their city is, and cursing the government when it’s flooding season. Knock knock, whose fault is that? -__-

So,I just wanna share my own way of living green,enjoy 😀

1. Trash only for trash bin!

I’m quite sure,every Indonesian has been taught to “Jangan Buang Sampah Sembarangan” atau “buanglah sampah pada tempatnya” ever since in primary school,but I’m sure they don’t understand it well. Here,in my neighbourhood, kids has been taught to throw the trash to the river, pee and spit everywhere…ewwww. We really need to change this habits. 😦

2. Use public transportation.

Everyone knows Jakarta’s traffic jam is really bad,worst! Using public transportation will deliberately reduce the pollution and traffic jam, it also support energy saving. Use your private vehicle only if it’s necessary, use wisely.

3. Bring water tumbler everywhere you go if it’s possible.

Just minimise the amount of plastic bottle drinking used 😀

4. Save the electricity.

Use smartly.

5. Cloth diaper alternative.

For parents, it will be a good choice to change your own regular baby diaper to cloth diaper, which is more eco-friendly and don’t harm the environment.

So, that’s all for this post. Trust me, I really don’t mean to acting like smartass, if you read this, feel free to take it or leave it.
Anyway, living green is what we really need, let’s save the earth together 🙂
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friends · sentimental note

Precious moments..

Found this old photo, not really old though, it was taken almost 3 years ago.
I can’t be thankful enough about how they have made my life being so colorful and not-so-flat like how it was.
I dunno where the future may take us to, but I have captured and saved these very moments in my mind, and I only want to say that these past 3 years and today , I’m really glad to have friends like you, thank you 🙂