family · sentimental note

about mom

I often do superficial acts that pissed my mom so bad.  Sometimes I might told my mom something ridiculous which I didn’t really mean it, or I’m not really thinking before doing so. Just like our conversation 2 months ago :

Me :     Bu, I want to marry someone who is older than me someday.
Mom :   *not really care* ah,yes,that’s great.
Me :      I want my husband is 20 years older than me…
Mom :   WHAT?!! #%$%^&()@#%#$*&^$@%^*()*!@#$%^

after that, she couldn’t stop mumbling and complaining about how reckless I am and what the hell I am thinking bout, it last until 2 days. Hehehe, I know she loves me so much that she worried.

I also love my mom, I really wish I won’t disappoint her and I’ll make her proud of me, InsyaAllah.